Sick Sample Clauses

Sick a. Except as otherwise may be provided in this Article, the teacher shall be entitled to accrue and use sick leave as provided in the regulations of the Alaska Department of Education, 4 AAC 15.040. At the beginning of the work year, the teacher shall be pre-credited with the sick leave days anticipated to be accrued during the year. The value of pre-credited days in excess of accrual shall be deducted from the teacher's final paycheck upon termination. The teacher shall be responsible for notifying the immediate supervisor as far in advance of the use of sick leave as possible. A statement by an attending physician or health aide may be required for sick leave, at the discretion of the immediate supervisor or Superintendent. A statement required for a one (1) day sick leave request may not be for arbitrary or capricious reasons. The teacher may grieve the requirement for such a statement, but must comply by providing it.
Sick. (a) Each employee will be entitled to sick leave which accumulate at the rate of one and one-half days per month. The unused portion of an employee’s sick leave will be accumulated and forward from one year to another provided that, to for sick leave with pa an em when re by the produce of i reasonably to the Corporation. For any illness in excess of three days, an employee ma be required to produce a certificate from a medical practitioner, that the employee was unable to out duties due to illness. When an employee is injured at work and in receipt of Workers’ in lieu of regular pay, oration make up difference such compensation and pay to the extent of the maximum of employee’s accumulated sick leave with pay credits. of such make up shall be deducted from such credits. This Article applies to employees; its application to a ime part-t employee all be on a pro-rata basis consistent with the of hours worked (excluding by the employee compared with the total number of hours worked (excluding overtime) by a full-time employee in that ay
Sick leave days The sick-leave days already accumulated at the beginning of the leave without pay are credited to the employee and may not be paid, except those paid annually under the salary insurance plan. However, if the employee leaves her employment or if, at the end of her leave without pay, she does not return to the Employer, all the sick-leave days may be paid at the rate in effect at the beginning of the employee’s leave without pay and according to the quantum and conditions stipula- xxx in the collective agreement in effect when the employee began her leave without pay.
Sick i. Employees on contract who are scheduled work thirty (30) hours or more per week earn one (1) day per month of sick leave (12 per year). Employees may accrue up to twelve (12) sick days during their first year of employment. After completing twelve (12) months of employment, employees who are scheduled to work thirty (30) or more hours per week shall earn two (2) sick days per month and may accrue up to twenty (20) days per year. No more than one hundred (100) sick days may be accumulated.
Sick a. Except as otherwise may be provided in this Article, the teacher shall be entitled toaccrue and use sick leave as provided in the regulations of the Alaska Department of Education, 4 AAC
Sick. Employees that maintain six (6) seven (7) or less sick days annually (fiscal year) will be eligible for this performance award. Excused absences (medical note) will count the same as an unexcused sick day. Employees that have applied and been approved for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and employees who are out on Workmens’ Compensation shall be exempt from this review for this award. Annual (fiscal year) eligibility for this incentive shall depend upon the employee having met the criteria set forth in all sections. The qualification period will run from July 1 to June 30th and shall be reflected in the first pay in August. Employee that use zero (0) to thirty two (32) hours of sick time shall receive a $2,000 incentive, and those who use between 32 and 56 hours shall receive $1,000 incentive annually (fiscal year) and shall be calculated for retirement purposes only. Individuals who have a pending disciplinary matter prior to the payment of this incentive shall have the incentive held in abeyance until it is adjudicated. in a lump sum payment of $1,000 dollars This award will be reviewed by the Human Resources Office to determine employees’ eligibility to receive this award and a list will be submitted to the Sheriff or his designee for payment annually. It is understood the decision to grant this award to an employee is not grievable or subject to arbitration. CORRECTIONS OFFICERS CONTRACT ARTICLE XV
Sick. An employee is not available to work said overtime because of illness and he/she has fulfilled the departmental requirements for qualifying for same. (Total remains the same). 8.
Sick. All employees will be allowed paid leave at the rate of pay prescribed by Clause 12. - Wages not including shift allowances, for illness or injury provided that the employee advises his/her supervisor of his/her intended absence and the expected length of the absence prior to his/her scheduled commencement time. The employer may require medical evidence to substantiate the claim for payment. If whilst on annual leave an employee is incapacitated for a period greater than one week and is unable to enjoy the benefits of annual leave then the period of such incapacity will be recorded as sick leave and annual leave recredited. Proof of incapacity must be forwarded to the employer at the time of the incapacity. The employer reserves the right to review payment if any such absence extends beyond 12 weeks. In each of the above the period of leave taken is exclusive of public holidays.
Sick a. All unit members shall be granted ten (10) days sick leave per year, accumulative to one hundred eighty (180) days. Sick leave days may be used for personal illness, injury or quarantine or to attend medical or dental appointments. Such sick leave days shall be used in either one-half or one whole day increments.
Sick. Effective July 1, one (1) additional day of vacation up to a maximum of four (4) days shall be granted annually to each unit member for each twenty-five (25) days of accumulated sick leave. Such vacation incentive entitlement will be based on sick leave accumulated as of June 30. The following schedule will prevail: Days of Accumulated Sick Leave Days of Earned Vacation 25 - 49 Sick Days 1 Vacation Day 50 - 74 Sick Days 2 Vacation Days 100 + Sick Days 4 Vacation Days All vacation days earned in this manner shall be added to regular vacation days and taken during the following year in accordance with Article XIV-Vacations, of the current Agreement.