Date of Death Sample Clauses

Date of Death. 11. Gender
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Date of Death. Dr. Azab's participation and/or entitlement under any stocx xxxxxx xlan offered by QLT to its employees shall be in accordance with the terms of the plan in effect at the time of the stock option offer(s) to Dr. Azab.
Date of Death. PRO RATA PORTION OR DISABILITY TO BE REIMBURSED ------------- ---------------- October 1, 1998, through 25% September 30, 1999 October 1, 1999, through 50% September 30, 2000 October 1, 2000, through 75% September 30, 2001
Date of Death. 11. Gender The Employer agrees that an employee who may be appointed by the Union to be a Trustee of the Plan shall be entitled to attend up to four meetings of the Plan in a calendar year during work hours and shall receive pay and be credited with seniority notwithstanding her/his absence from work for that purpose.

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  • Termination by Virtue of Death or Disability of Executive (a) In the event of Executive’s death while employed pursuant to this Agreement, all obligations of the Parties hereunder shall terminate immediately, and the Company shall, pursuant to the Company’s standard payroll policies, pay to Executive’s legal representatives all Accrued Obligations.

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