Article 12 definition

Article 12. Priority of expenses and unsecured claims in a receivership
Article 12. Documents i visats

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Surrender of this Receipt for registration of transfer subsequent to any such record date and prior to the date of payment, distribution or meeting shall not affect the right of the Holder hereof on such record date to receive such payment or distribution or, subject to Article 12 hereof, to direct the manner of voting the Deposited Securities represented hereby.

Proposed adjustments in the Progress Schedule that will change the Contract Times shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of Article 12.

The Depositary makes no representation that the exchange rate used or obtained in any currency conversion under these Terms and Conditions will be the most favorable rate that could be obtained at the time or that the method by which that rate will be determined will be the most favorable to Owners, subject to the Depositary’s obligations under Article 12.

Any adjustment of the Contract Times covered by a Change Order or any Claim for an adjustment in the Contract Times will be determined in accordance with the provisions of this Article 12.

An Announcement Event shall be an “Extraordinary Event” for purposes of the Equity Definitions, to which Article 12 of the Equity Definitions is applicable.

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Article 12. Terrorist act’ means any act or threat of act committed with a terrorist intention or objective directed against the nationals, property, interests or services of any State Party or against the foreign nationals living on its territory and which is prohibited by its legislation, as well as any act which is aimed at financing, encouraging, providing training for or otherwise supporting terrorism. The term terrorist act also includes, but is not limited to, any act of violence or threat of violence, irrespective of the reasons or objectives, carried out individually or collectively, calculated or intended to provoke a state of terror in general public, a group of persons or particular persons in the territory of any one of the States Parties.”
Article 12. Exclusion 1. (…) 2. A third country national or a stateless person is excluded from being a refugee where there are serious reasons for considering that:
Article 12. Fail to provide, to the Liquidator or to the Administrator of the Stabilization Regime, information the provision of which is mandatory pursuant to the Complementary Law that deals with the Resolution Regimes of institutions licensed to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil, the Superintendency of Private Insurance and the Securities Commission. Penalty – a prison sentence, of one to two years, and a fine.
Article 12 means the mechanism (known as the Clean Development Mechanism) defined in Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol that provides for