Leave without pay definition

Leave without pay means to be absent from duty with the Employer's permission but without pay. Benefits and entitlements will be continued during the term of leave of absence without pay unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or in the applicable benefit plan.
Leave without pay means an employee may be permitted, under certain circumstances, to remain on the payroll in a non-pay status if not entitled to paid leave of any kind under existing City policy.
Leave without pay means leave or time off from work for the employee’s personal reasons granted by the appointing authority for which period the employee receives no pay.

Examples of Leave without pay in a sentence

  • An employee shall retain all unused vacation and sick leave while on Leave Without Pay.

  • Payment for such period of leave shall be calculated on the weekly average of the total amount paid by the Department to the employee for the twelve months immediately prior to the date on which leave is commenced excluding any periods of Special Leave Without Pay, unpaid leave and/or suspension.

  • Employees may use vacation leave for leave as required by the Military Family Leave Act, RCW 49.77 and in accordance with Section 18.13 of Article 18 Leave Without Pay.

  • If the employee is utilizing paid leave, VRS contributions will continue to be made; however, if the employee is designated on Leave Without Pay (LWOP), VRS contributions cannot be made.

  • An employee on Leave Without Pay status the day before and/or the day after a holiday will not be paid for the holiday.

More Definitions of Leave without pay

Leave without pay means the person may or may not be on an authorized leave; however, the leave is in a non-paid status. Examples of leaves of absence without pay are Family Medical Leave, educational leave, disciplinary suspension, etc.
Leave without pay means all periods of unpaid absences from work in excess of one day but shall not include such periods where the employee is absent from work due to an injury sustained at work and/or is receiving workers' compensation benefits.
Leave without pay means a period of leave from employment with an employer (otherwise than on secondment as referred to in section 6 (4)) during which the contributor is not entitled to receive payment of salary from the employer;
Leave without pay means that leavePay: Leave which is allotted to an employee whenever the employee is without the benefit of some other leave, but has provided a valid reason to the satisfaction of the Department Headdirector d for his/her (the employee's) absence and obtained approval for the leave.
Leave without pay means approved time away from work where there are no other paid hours available.
Leave without pay means the approved absence from work without pay of an employee.
Leave without pay. The school district shall grant upon request of an employee who has been with the district for one full year, up to twelve (12) weeks per school year of leave without pay for any reason provided in this section. Maternity leave counts toward the available twelve (12) week family leave.