Discipline or Discharge Sample Clauses

Discipline or Discharge. (a) When any person or group of persons make written slanderous or derogatory statements pertaining to any member of the Canadian Staff Union, the appropriate Managing Director or designate shall immediately forward to the employee concerned, and the Union, in writing, a copy of such statements and their source, and shall advise if an investigation will be conducted. In the event the Employer initiates a disciplinary action, the employee shall be notified in writing by the Employer, with full disclosure of the reasons, grounds for action and/or penalty, with a copy to the Secretary of the Union.
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Discipline or Discharge. No employee covered by this Agreement shall be discharged except for just cause. “Just cause” will include the concept of progressive discipline (such as verbal and written reprimands, the possibility of suspension and termination). Which level of progressive discipline the Employer will use in a situation will depend on the circumstances and severity of the regular employee’s conduct or work performance as evaluated by the Employer. Employees shall receive a copy of all progressive discipline warnings to be placed in their personnel file. Employees shall be required to sign the written warnings within forty-eight (48) hours for the sole purpose of acknowledging receipt thereof. The Employer agrees to provide a copy of the written disciplinary action to the Union within ninety-six (96) hours of issuance. The inadvertent failure to provide the Union with a copy of the disciplinary action will not be the basis to overturn the discipline for just cause. However, if such failure causes the Union to miss the deadline to file a grievance for the discipline, the deadline shall be extended for that amount of time. Progressive discipline will not be applied when the nature of the offense is just cause for immediate suspension or discharge. Employees who have been discharged by the Employer shall, upon request by the employee, be given a written statement of the cause of discharge by the Human Resources Department at the time of discharge or within a reasonable time thereafter. Employees may request in writing to have written disciplinary action in their personnel file removed if eighteen (18) months have passed without a related discipline. Such request will not be unreasonably denied.
Discipline or Discharge. 136 When it is necessary to discipline or discharge an employee for just cause, the Company will issue a written notification to the employee and to the Union within four (4) working days after the Manager of Manufacturing or designated Company representative has knowledge of the improper conduct or performance, unless special investigation is required and the Union is so notified. A disciplined or discharged employee must file a written grievance within five (5) working days of the foregoing notification otherwise the discipline or discharge will be final.
Discipline or Discharge. A. The District may discipline or discharge employees for just cause. Disciplinary actions include:
Discipline or Discharge. Section l. The City reserves the right to discipline or discharge any employee for just cause subject to the provisions of this Agreement. Discipline and discharge shall be the right and responsibility of management and may include, but not be limited to, the following actions: Written reprimand, suspension, probation, demotion, and discharge.
Discipline or Discharge. Discipline or discharge of a full-time or part-time nurse shall only be for just cause. “Just cause” shall include the concept of progressive discipline (such as verbal and written reprimands and the possibility of suspension without pay), provided, however, a nurse may be subject to immediate dismissal or suspension based upon the seriousness of the offense. A nurse may request the attendance of an Association representative at scheduled investigatory meetings as provided for and limited by law. A copy of all written disciplinary actions shall be given to the nurse. Nurses shall be required to sign the written disciplinary action for the purpose of acknowledging receipt thereof. Nurses will be given the opportunity to provide a written response to any written evaluations or disciplinary actions to be included in the personnel file.
Discipline or Discharge. 19 Discharge, suspension or written reprimand of any employee may be referred to the second step of the grievance procedure if requested by the Union representative. An employee will be afforded the opportunity to sign any written reprimand, notice of suspension, or notice of discharge to substantiate that such employee has received the document. A copy may be given to the Union upon the employee's request. In imposing any discipline on a current matter, the University will not take into account any prior verbal or written disciplinary action, which occurred more than three (3) years previously provided no discipline has been taken against the employee during the immediately preceding three (3) year period. An employee may attach explanatory notes, not to exceed five typewritten 8½x11 pages in length, to any record of discipline maintained in his or her personnel file.
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Discipline or Discharge. It is agreed that the Fire Chief can be disciplined or discharged only for just cause, upon proper notice and only after hearing at which the Fire Chief shall have the right to be represented by counsel. The Fire Chief shall have the option of choosing whether or not any such hearing shall be closed to the public or be held as an open or public hearing. Disciplinary action shall require a majority vote of the Board of Selectmen. The principle of progressive discipline will apply and the Town recognizes its obligation to provide the Chief with annual performance evaluations. It is understood that the principle of progressive discipline need not apply for a more serious, egregious offense where suspension or termination might be the appropriate action. • The Fire Chief may appeal any discipline or discharge of a committee of arbitrators consisting of three (3) persons. The three persons shall be chosen as follows: one by the Town, one by the Fire Chief, and one by the two so chosen. A majority of the three (3) member committee shall be sufficient to uphold or to reverse the discipline or discharge decision. The Arbitration panel’s decision shall be final and binding upon the partiesIn the event that the arbitration panel reverses the dismissal decision of the Board of Selectmen, the remedy shall consist of back pay from the date of termination and front pay to the expiration date of this agreement but no reinstatement shall apply.
Discipline or Discharge. 1. No nurse shall be discharged or suspended without just cause. Disciplinary actions for cause shall include the following:
Discipline or Discharge. 21.1 The Employer agrees, upon the discipline of an employee less than discharge, to immediately notify the Xxxxxxx of the employee’s department of the discipline. The President of OUCMT shall be immediately notified of the discharge of any Bargaining Unit employee.
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