Of the Union Sample Clauses

Of the Union. The Board hereby recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining representative for all full and regular part-time employees in the unit certified by the Public Employees Relations Commission in certification # 1005 dated February 2, 1993 , recognizing the consolidation of units. The parties further agree that the substitute bus operators and attendants not appointed by the School Board are casual employees and not included in the bargaining unit.
Of the Union. The Association recognizes the Union as the exclusive representative for all Iron Workers (hereinafter referred to as employees) performing work within the territorial and work jurisdiction of the Union and of this Agreement.
Of the Union. The Union shall have the right, at any time, to have assistance of representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees when dealing or negotiating with the Corporation. Such representatives shall have access to the Corporation's premises in order to investigate and assist in the grievance. The Corporation shall also have the rights of assistance, at any time, when dealing with or negotiating with the Union.
Of the Union. The Company the as the exclusive agent for employees in the bargaining unit above described. The parties hereto mutually agree that any of the Company covered by this Agreement become a of the Union he wishes to do so, from employees pay as Indicated In a). The Company and the Union agree that employee and no member family of any employee shall in any manner be discriminated against or coerced, restrained or unduly Influenced on account of or \ non-membership in any labour or by reason of any activity or lack of activity in any labour or by reason of race, creed, colour, sex, age, political or religious beliefs or prejudice.
Of the Union. The Union shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of a representative of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, when dealing with the City. ARTICLE COMMITTEES AND STEWARDS The Union acknowledges that Members of Committees and Union Officers have regular duties to perform on behalf of the City. Such persons shall not absent themselves from their work without first obtaining permission from their Supervisor in order to deal with the grievance of employees or with other Union business. In accordance with this understanding, the City shall not make any deductions from such employees for the time so spent. The Corporation shall not be liable for the pay of any member of the Union Executive or other employee represented by the Union, when such employees are involved in the preparation for arbitration or conciliation hearings. Grievances shall not be investigated or processed while employees involved are working overtime.
Of the Union. Pursuant to and in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Public Employees Fair Employment Act of 1 967, ( Section 200, et. seq. of the Civil Service Law) and all other applicable laws, the Employer hereby recognizes the Union as the exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other terms and conditions of employment of all employees of the Fire Department for the term ofthis Agreement. 201 0-2014 CBA Loca128lAFF‌ UNION SECURITY
Of the Union. In the case of employees who work at more than one health care facility, and an outbreak occurs in one of the facilities with the result being the medical officer of health or designate limits the employee to working at one facility only, the Employer will attempt to offer the employee call-in hours, being of the agreed to call-in procedures. OF THE EMPLOYER LETTER OP UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN (CANADA) INC. AND THE NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE, AEROSPACE, TRANSPORTATION AND GENERAL UNION CANADA (CAW-CANADA) Locals
Of the Union. The Union and agrees that except as specifically a- bridged, delegated, granted or modified by this Agreement, all of the rights, powers and authority which the Company had prior to the signing of this Agreement are retained solely and exclu- sively by the Company. Employees coming under the scope of this Agreement shall also be covered by all Company rules and regulations previously or here- inafter issued by the Company that are not in conflict with the law or the terms of this Agreement.
Of the Union. The Union agrees that it will not intimidate or coerce employees into membership in the Union. The Union agrees that membership solicitation and other Union activity not pertaining to this Agreement will not take place during working hours or on the premises of the Employer or on any work project the Employer may be engaged in. The Union agrees that during the life of this Agreement and during the period of negotiation of any revision to this Agreement, or of any new agreement including the period of arbitration, there shall be no strike or other cessation of work. The Union agrees that there shall be no discrimination against any person in the employing or continuing to employ because of race, creed, colour, ancestry, sex, marital status, political and religious affiliation, or place of residence. The Union and accepts the provisions of this Agreement as binding upon itself, each of its duly officers, representatives and employees represented by the Union, and pledges that it, and each of its duly officers and representatives and employees represented by the Union, will observe the provisions of this Agreement. The Union agrees that it will consider reports or recommendations to the Council dealing with matters covered by the Agreement or concerning the Union or its members and to express its opinion before the matter is to be dealt with by the Council when the Union deems it necessary to do so. The Union that, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, it is the function of the Employer: to maintain order, discipline and efficiency;

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  • Health Promotion and Health Education Both parties to this Agreement recognize the value and importance of health promotion and health education programs. Such programs can assist employees and their dependents to maintain and enhance their health, and to make appropriate use of the health care system. To work toward these goals:

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Purpose In our rapidly changing society, teachers must constantly review curricular content, teaching methods and materials, educational philosophy and goals, social change, and other topics related to education. The Board recognizes that it shares with its professional staff responsibility for the upgrading and updating of teacher performance and attitudes. The Board and the Association support the principle of continuing training of teachers and the improvement of instruction. The parties further agree that each teacher should fulfill this obligation for professional improvement.

  • Investment Promotion and Protection 1. Bearing in mind the respective powers and competences of the Community and the Member States, cooperation shall aim to establish a favourable climate for private investment, both domestic and foreign, especially through better conditions for investment protection, the transfer of capital and the exchange of information on investment opportunities.

  • Information to the Union 9.01 The Employer will forward to the Secretary of the Union at least once a month, the name, address and telephone number of all newly-hired employees who will be included in the bargaining unit. The Employer further agrees to inform the Union of the name of any employee in the bargaining unit leaving the employ of the Employer.

  • Agreement Administration SBBC has delegated authority to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee to take any actions necessary to implement and administer this Agreement.

  • Professional Development Leave A. Policy. Professional development leave shall be made available to employees who meet the requirements set forth below. Such leaves are granted to increase an employee's value to the University through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, educational travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value, not as a reward for service.

  • Agreement Administration and Communications A. Under this Agreement, either of the representatives of the Judicial Council identified below will monitor the Work and act as the Judicial Council’s liaisons with the Contractor:

  • Management; Community Policies Owner may retain employees and management agents from time to time to manage the Property, and Owner’s agent may retain other employees or contractors. Resident, on behalf of himself or herself and his or her Guests, agrees to comply fully with all directions from Owner and its employees and agents, and the rules and regulations (including all amendments and additions thereto, except those that substantially modify the Resident’s bargain and to which Resident timely objects) as contained in this Housing Agreement and the Community Policies of the Property. The Community Policies are available at xxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/policies.pdf or on request from the management office and are considered part of this Housing Agreement.

  • Home Health Care This plan covers the following home care services when provided by a certified home healthcare agency: • nursing services; • services of a home health aide; • visits from a social worker; • medical supplies; and • physical, occupational and speech therapy.