Regular Employee definition

Regular Employee is one who works on a full-time or part-time basis on regularly scheduled shifts of a continuing nature:
Regular Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or continuous part-time nature;
Regular Employee means an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period and is employed in continuous year-round full time service.

Examples of Regular Employee in a sentence

  • The Employer shall grant leave of absence without loss of seniority to a Regular Employee who serves as a juror or witness in any court provided evidence of the subpoena is submitted to the Employer.

  • When such change is made with less than seven (7) calendar days' notice, the Regular Employee shall be paid at one point five times (1.5X) the Basic Rate of Pay for all hours worked on the first (1st) shift of the changed schedule.

  • In the event that the primary functions of a position within the Bargaining Unit are changed, the Employer shall determine the appropriate Classification for such position, subject to an appeal by the incumbent Regular Employee in accordance with Article 15 - Grievance Procedure, commencing at Step II.

  • In the event a Regular Employee reports for work as scheduled and is requested by the Employer to report for a later shift, the Regular Employee shall be compensated by payment of three (3) hours' pay at their Basic Rate of Pay.

  • In the event a Regular Employee on layoff accepts an offer to work as a Casual or Temporary Employee, such Employee shall be governed by the Collective Agreement provisions applicable to a casual or Temporary Employee, however, such Employee’s seniority standing shall not be affected by the period of casual or temporary employment.

More Definitions of Regular Employee

Regular Employee means an employee whose employment is reasonably expected to continue for longer than two years, although such employment may be terminated earlier by action on the part of the Company or the employee.
Regular Employee means a person working an average of 20
Regular Employee means an employee who carries out and occupies a continuing function in a departmental program and who has all the rights and privileges of permanent status.
Regular Employee means an employee who has been appointed to a position in the classified service and who has completed a probationary period of employment.
Regular Employee means a person whose compensation is fixed in advance, who does not receive a commission, who works exclusively for the owner, and whose total compensation is subject to state and federal withholding.
Regular Employee. Means an employee who is appointed to a:
Regular Employee is an employee who has completed their probationary period and fills a regularly established classification.