Work Performance Sample Clauses

Work Performance. Xxxxxx agrees that all Services performed hereunder shall be performed on a best effort basis by employees, students, faculty, graduate assistants and staff having an appropriate experience and skill level and in compliance with the statement of work.
Work Performance. All work in performance of this Lease shall be done by skilled workers or mechanics and shall be acceptable to the RECO. The RECO may reject the Lessor’s workers 1) if such are unlicensed, unskilled, or otherwise incompetent, or 2) if such have demonstrated a history of either untimely or otherwise unacceptable performance in connection with work carried out in conjunction with either this contract or other Government or private contracts.
Work Performance. Employee agrees to provide regular reports, as required by the supervisor to help evaluate work performance. Employee understands that a decline in work performance may result in termination of this agreement by Augusta University.
Work Performance. The employee excels on their job. Work performance is consistently above standard. The employee is relied on by others to perform work which is error free with minimal guidance or instruction.
Work Performance. 1. Inefficiency, incompetence, or negligence in the performance of duties, including failure to perform assigned tasks of training, or failure to discharge duties in a prompt, competent, and reasonable manner;
Work Performance. Employee agrees to provide regular reports, if required, by the supervisor to help judge work performance. Employee understands that a decline in work performance may result in termination of the agreement by the University. Standards of Conduct: Employee agrees to be bound by University regulations, policies and procedures while working at the remote workplace. Violation of the foregoing may result in termination of this agreement and the teleworking privilege. Nothing in this agreement precludes the University from taking any appropriate disciplinary or adverse action against the Employee if the Employee fails to comply with the provisions of this agreement. University Equipment: Dependent upon the nature of work to be performed during the telework cycle, use of University equipment may not be applicable/necessary. In the event the University must provide equipment for use by the Employee during the telework period, the Employee agrees that the use of equipment, software, data supplies and furniture provided by the University for use at the remote work location, is limited to authorized persons and for purposes related to work. The University, at its sole discretion may choose to purchase equipment and related supplies for use by Employee while teleworking, or permit the use of Employee-owned equipment. The decision as to the type, nature, function and/or quality of electronic hardware (including, but not limited to, computers, video display terminals, printers, modems, data processors and other terminal equipment), computer software, data and telecommunications equipment (i.e., phone lines) shall rest entirely with the University. The decision to remove or discontinue use of such equipment, data and/or software shall rest entirely with the University. Equipment purchased for use by Employee shall remain the property of the University. The University does not assume liability for loss, damage or wear of Employee-owned equipment. Employee is responsible for installation, service and maintenance of any Employee-owned equipment used. Employee agrees to take all reasonable precautions, including but not limited to, scanning all computer equipment and software for viruses prior to use, installation and/or transmission, to prevent the transmission of viruses, unauthorized software or code to any computer owned by the University or onto the University’s Local Access Network (LAN). In the event legal action is necessary to regain possession of Agency-owned equip...
Work Performance. All observing of the work performance of ancillary staff shall be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the ancillary staff. Ancillary staff work performance outside of the classroom during the work day or other times when carrying out professional responsibilities may also be subject to evaluation. The performance of ancillary staff shall be evaluated in writing by the principal or other educationally certificated administrator designated by the Superintendent. Ancillary staff may request an evaluation from a different supervisor and/or an additional evaluation. The ancillary staff shall be given a copy of any evaluation report prepared by the immediate supervisor, and opportunity for discussion of such report shall be held within five (5) duty days after the report has been prepared. In the event the ancillary staff feels the evaluation was incomplete or inaccurate, he/she shall put objections in writing within ten (10) duty days following receipt of the copy and such objections shall be attached to the evaluation report to be placed in his/her personnel file.
Work Performance. All Work, pursuant to an issued Job Order and under this Agreement, shall be performed in a skillful and workmanlike manner. JOC shall perform the Work in a timely manner and JOC’s performance of the Work shall be subject to Liquidated Damages. Further, JOC shall ensure that its purchase, delivery and storage of materials and equipment do not interfere with City operations and personnel.
Work Performance. ‌ Employees subject to this Article may be disciplined only for just cause. This Article applies to all employees who have satisfactorily completed their probationary period except as otherwise provided in Article 21, Committee Clerks, of this Agreement.
Work Performance. If an employee is experiencing significant difficulties meeting expectations related to work performance, a Work Performance Plan can be developed to assist in enabling the employee to perform the employee’s job duties in a manner that is satisfactory to both the employer and the employee. The development of a Work Performance Plan can be required by a representative of the Union, the employee’s immediate supervisor, the employee’s office director, or the employee who would be the subject of the Work Performance Plan. The Work Performance Plan may include items such as, but not limited to, additional training, detailed expectations, timelines for meeting expectations, and information for the employee regarding EAP, ADA, FMLA, etc. The plan will be developed in partnership with the employee’s immediate supervisor and/or the employee’s office director, the employee, a representative of the Union and other individuals as deemed appropriate. If the employee does not participate or does not meet the expectations of the plan within the required timelines, then the next step may be disciplinary action.