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The University will. 4.1.1 provide You with any (non-financial) support and information reasonably require for the completion of the DMU Square Mile volunteering experience as agreed with the University.
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The University will. (a) provide information to affected staff members about the change;
The University will. 36.2.1 Not require staff to work excessive hours and does not encourage or condone workplace culture that requires staff to work long hours. It is the responsibility of the University’s supervisors to ensure that unreasonable expectations are not put on employees that result in working excessive hours and it is the responsibility of employees to ensure they are not working excessive hours.
The University will. 3.1.1 Provide the Student with any support and information reasonably required for the completion of the #DMUglobal experience and as reasonably agreed with the Organisation.
The University will. (a) Provide the University of Queensland Branch of the NTEU, and (where requested) the United Voice, ASU and Together, an office on the St Lucia campus and access to University telephone, mail and facsimile systems on a user-pay basis, under a licence to occupy at a rate commensurate with associated University entities;

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  • University Any notice may be served upon the University by delivering it, in writing, to the University at the address set forth on the last page of this Agreement, by depositing it in a United States Postal Service deposit box with the postage fully prepaid and with the notice addressed to the University at the aforementioned address, or by sending a facsimile of it to the University facsimile number set forth on the last page of this Agreement.

  • Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:

  • Licensor any Person from whom a Grantor obtains the right to use any Intellectual Property. Lien: any Person’s interest in Property securing an obligation owed to, or a claim by, such Person, whether such interest is based on common law, statute or contract, including liens, security interests, pledges, hypothecations, statutory trusts, reservations, exceptions, encroachments, easements, rights-of-way, covenants, conditions, restrictions, leases, and other title exceptions and encumbrances affecting Property. Lien Waiver: an agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to Collateral Agent, by which (a) for any material Collateral located on leased premises, the lessor waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to permit Collateral Agent to enter upon the premises and remove the Collateral or to use the premises to store or dispose of the Collateral; (b) for any Collateral held by a warehouseman, processor, shipper, customs broker or freight forwarder, such Person waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, agrees to hold any Documents in its possession relating to the Collateral as agent for Collateral Agent, and agrees to deliver the Collateral to Collateral Agent upon request; (c) for any Collateral held by a repairman, mechanic or bailee, such Person acknowledges Collateral Agent’s Lien, waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to deliver the Collateral to Collateral Agent upon request; and (d) for any Collateral subject to a Licensor’s Intellectual Property rights, the Licensor grants to Collateral Agent the right, vis-à-vis such Licensor, to enforce Collateral Agent’s Liens with respect to the Collateral, including the right to dispose of it with the benefit of the Intellectual Property, whether or not a default exists under any applicable License.

  • Millwright In the case of a job site located outside a millwright’s region of residence, the employer may assign a millwright holding a journeyman competency certificate or an apprentice competency certificate anywhere in Quebec, provided the millwright has worked 1,500 or more hours for the employer in the construction industry in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada during the first 24 months of the 26 months preceding the issuance or renewal of his competency certificate, as follows:

  • Each Party Each Party represents and warrants to the other that: (i) it has the power to enter into and perform its obligations under this Agreement; and (ii) it has duly executed this Agreement by duly authorized persons so as to constitute valid and binding obligations of that Party.

  • Cardiff Capital Region has secured a deal worth £1.2 billion. Over its lifetime, local partners expect the City Deal to deliver up to 25,000 new jobs and leverage an additional £4 billion of private sector investment.

  • The Contractor A general contractor shall be retained by Tenant to construct the Improvements. Such general contractor (“Contractor”) shall be selected by Tenant from a list of general contractors supplied by Landlord, and Tenant shall deliver to Landlord notice of its selection of the Contractor upon such selection.

  • Supplier Diversity Seller shall comply with Xxxxx’s Supplier Diversity Program in accordance with Appendix V.

  • Principal Investigator The Research will be supervised by __________________ ("Principal Investigator"). If for any reason the individual is unable to continue to serve as Principal Investigator and a successor acceptable to both the University and the Sponsor is not available, this agreement shall be terminated as provided in Article 9. The Principal Investigator may work with others at the University (“Associates”) in conducting the Research.

  • Cornerstone shall notify the LLC and confirm such advice in writing (i) when the filing of any post-effective amendment to the Registration Statement or supplement to the Prospectus is required, when the same is filed and, in the case of the Registration Statement and any post-effective amendment, when the same becomes effective, (ii) of any request by the Securities and Exchange Commission for any amendment of or supplement to the Registration Statement or the Prospectus or for additional information and (iii) of the entry of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or the initiation or threatening of any proceedings for that purpose, and, if such stop order shall be entered, Cornerstone shall use its best efforts promptly to obtain the lifting thereof.

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