The Chief Sample Clauses

The Chief. 3. The Deputy Chief, assistant chiefs and bureau directors.
The Chief. Shop Xxxxxxx shall be given senior seniority if qualified to do the work. This applies to layoffs only.
The Chief. Accountant shall have the care and custody of all moneys of the Business and shall keep regular books of account. The Chief Accountant shall disburse the funds of the Business in payment of the just demands against the Business or as may be ordered by the Management Committee in accordance with the requirements of Article 9.
The Chief. Head Custodian may, with the prior approval of the Principal or designate, allow Group A evening shift employees to work a day shift.
The Chief. Fisheries Officer shall keep a register of every local fishing vessel in respect of which there is in existence a valid certificate of registration.
The Chief. Xxxxxxx of the Plant shall be given a list in advance of employees to be laid off or recalled. Those employees terminated shall also be included on this list.
The Chief. Shop Xxxxxxx is authorized to electronically disseminate Union notices and information via the departmental email systems.
The Chief. Civil Deputy shall submit a ruling to the Association within 14 days of receipt of the grievance.
The Chief. Financial Officer shall disburse the funds of the Company as may be ordered by the Directors, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, and shall render to the CEO and the Directors, at their regular meetings, or when Members so require, at a meeting of the Members an account of all his or her transactions as treasurer and of the financial condition of the Company.