Discharge of a Sample Clauses

Discharge of a regular status employee may be appealed by the Union to binding arbitration. The appeal must state the reason for the appeal and must be submitted to the Department of Administrative Services Labor Relations Unit within ten (10) calendar days from the effective date of the discharge. Such appeal shall be heard by the arbitrator pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined in Article 12 (Grievance Procedure).
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  • Discharge of Agreement 7.5.1 If the Developer fails to complete the development after ten (10) years from the date of registration of this Agreement at the Registry of Deeds or Land Registration Office Council may review this Agreement, in whole or in part, and may:

  • Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture This Indenture shall upon Company Request cease to be of further effect (except as to any surviving rights of registration of transfer or exchange of Securities herein expressly provided for), and the Trustee, at the expense of the Company, shall execute proper instruments acknowledging satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture, when

  • DISCHARGE OR SUSPENSION The Employer shall not discharge nor suspend any employee without just cause until the case has been discussed with the Business Agent in person, where practical, except where the provisions of this Article provide for discharge, but in respect to suspension or discharge shall give at least one warning notice of the complaint against such employee to the employee, in writing, and a copy of the same to the Union and Job Xxxxxxx affected. The warning notice as herein provided shall not remain in effect for a period of more than nine (9) months from date of said warning notice. No warning notice need be given to an employee before the employee is discharged if the cause of such discharge is: Calling an unauthorized strike or walkout, Drunkenness, drinking during working hours, (including lunchtime), Being under the influence of liquor or drugs during working hours, Illegal possession of drugs, Proven theft or dishonesty, A rollaway accident that is a serious accident as defined in Article 18 Section 3, An unreported accident, Unprovoked physical assault on a shipper, consignee or Employer or the representative of any of them during working hours, Carrying unauthorized passengers in Employer's vehicle, Discharge must be by proper written notice to the employee and the Union affected. Any employee may request an investigation as to their discharge or suspension. Should such investigation prove that an injustice has been done an employee, they shall be reinstated. Appeal from discharge, suspension or warning notice must be taken within ten (10) days by written notice and a decision reached within thirty (30) days from the date of discharge, suspension or warning notice.

  • DISCHARGE CASES 10.01 In the event of an Employee who has attained seniority being discharged from employment, and the Employee feeling that an injustice has been done, the case may be taken up as a grievance.

  • Discharge Grievance (a) An employee shall only be discharged from the employment for just cause, except that an employee who has not completed the probationary period may be released based on a fair and proper assessment against reasonable standards of performance and suitability. An allegation of action contrary to this clause may be taken up as a grievance. As a good labour relations practice, the Home agrees to provide written reasons within seven (7) calendar days to the affected employee in the case of discharge or suspension.

  • Discharge Grievances All discharge grievances shall be filed at Step 2 of the Grievance Procedure within fourteen (14) days of the effective date of discharge.

  • Discharge Planning If further care at home or in another facility is appropriate following discharge from the Hospital, Blue Shield will work with the Member, the attending Physician and the Hospital discharge planners to determine the most appropriate and cost effective way to provide this care.

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