Union Representative Sample Clauses

Union Representative. Upon mutual agreement of the parties, the number may be altered from time to time. Where a Union Representative commences on an extended leave of absence, the Union will endeavour to find a temporary replacement for the Union Representative from within the Home.
Union Representative. Authorized representatives of the Union shall have access to the projects provided they do not unduly interfere with the work of any employees working on the project regardless of the employer, and that they fully comply with the safety and security procedures established for the projects. On projects with restricted access, the Employer will cooperate with the Union officials in this regard as far as regulations permit.
Union Representative. The Employer will recognize the Union business representative, stewards and alternate steward designated by the Union as the grievance representatives of the bargaining unit having the duties and responsibilities established by this Article. The Union shall notify the Employer, in writing, of the names of such Union business representative, stewards and alternate steward and their successors when so designated, as provided by Section 6.2 of this Agreement.
Union Representative. 15:01 If an authorized representative of the Union wants to speak to a member of the bargaining unit about a grievance or other official business, they shall advise the Supervisor, or their designated representative, who shall then call the member to an appropriate place where they may confer privately. The Union Representative will make every effort to have any such meeting during the employee’s non- working hours.
Union Representative. The term "Union Representative" as used in this Agreement refers to a person who has been officially designated in writing as the Union Representative.
Union Representative. Union Representative is defined as Staff Representative of the bargaining agent as assigned by the President or designate.
Union Representative. It is understood that in all discussions concerning grievances, any Union Representative may accompany the Union in their meeting and the Union Representative may call upon members of the Union or any other Employee to accompany them in their meetings with Employer’s officials.
Union Representative. The Union may request permission from the Employer to have one (1) Union representative, other than a Representative, attend a labour-management meeting, and the Employer shall not unreasonably refuse such permission.