Bargaining Unit Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit. The College recognizes the Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 2081 as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent for all of its employees as certified by the Industrial Relations Council of British Columbia and hereby agrees to negotiate with the Union, or any of its authorized committees, concerning all matters affecting the relationship between parties, aiming towards a peaceful and amicable settlement of any differences that may arise between them.
Bargaining Unit. The Board has recognized the UFF as the exclusive representative, solely for the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment agreed to by the parties for the bargaining unit certified by the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission in Case No. RA-2004-001 (February 4, 2004) and described in Certification No. 1463 issued to the UFF. Attached as Appendix "A," for information purposes only and not made a part of the Agreement, is the listing of titles included in the bargaining unit.
Bargaining Unit. The term "bargaining unit" as used in this Agreement refers to the bargaining unit defined in Article 1, Recognition.
Bargaining Unit. The Employer hereby recognizes the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council, Inc. as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the purpose of collective bargaining on all matters pertaining to wages, hours, terms and other conditions of employment for employees in the bargaining unit. The bargaining unit for which this recognition is accorded is defined in the Certification issued by the State Employment Relations Board on December 9, 1985 (Case No. 85-MF-12-4750). This Agreement includes all permanently appointed full and part-time employees employed in classifications and positions listed in Appendix A of this Agreement; and employees appointed as “Established Term” employees. The Employer shall notify the Employee Organization of any changes in the classification plan, which directly affects the classifications included in this unit, sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the change or as soon as the changes become known to the Employer, whichever occurs first.
Bargaining Unit. 1. The Employer recognizes the Union as the sole collective bargaining agent with respect to work, rates of pay, hours and terms and conditions of employment for the appropriate bargaining unit composed of all employees, including employees of lessees, licensees and concessionaires (sometimes herein referred to as "leased departments"), except as limited below, who perform work within food markets, discount stores, drug stores and shoe stores presently operated and hereafter established, owned or operated by the Employer within the jurisdiction of the Local Union. The jurisdiction of the Local Union as referred to in this Agreement is defined as set forth in Appendix G. Food markets are defined as those types of establishments covered by the collective bargaining Agreement identified as Retail Food, Bakery, Candy and General Merchandise Agreement, July 31, 1978 to July 26, 1981.
Bargaining Unit includes all full-time faculty and full-time librarians employed by Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx University as defined and clarified by the certificate of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, number 0477-88-R, dated October 3, 1988, and attached as Appendix A. Board: is the Board of Governors of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx University, as provided for in the Act. Chair: with an initial upper case letter designates a Member who is administrative officer of a department or academic sub-unit, and for the purposes of this Agreement, the Associate Xxxx in the Department of Business is equivalent to a Chair.
Bargaining Unit. The Bargaining Unit as defined by the Certificates issued by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), dated November 7, 1995 and May 1, 2003, as may be amended by the OLRB or by the Agreement of the Parties.
Bargaining Unit. 1 The Union may designate one xxxxxxx and alternate at each Division facility. Stewards shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time away from their job duties to administer the Agreement at the facility where they work. If a Facility Xxxxxxx is unavailable, a Chief Xxxxxxx shall be allowed a reasonable time away from his/her duties to administer the Agreement at facilities within their district. During such time, they shall continue to be paid at their regular rate and shall receive all fringe benefits and seniority accrual. Before a xxxxxxx takes time away from his/her job duties to administer the Agreement, the xxxxxxx must inform his/her supervisor or designee of the approximate duration of time the xxxxxxx expects to be away from his/her job duties and, if the xxxxxxx is leaving the work area, the duration of time expected to be away from the work area. Upon entering any work area other than his/her own and prior to engaging in any xxxxxxx duties, the xxxxxxx shall report to the supervisor of the work area. He/she shall identify the nature of the activity he/she is to perform. Additionally, employees who are delegates to the Union conference (sixty (60) maximum) shall receive paid time off to attend such conference. The Union shall provide written notification to the Employer of the appointment of stewards, or alternates prior to such appointment being effective. No appointment will be recognized until written notification is received by the Employer. It is understood that the release of stewards or alternates is for contract administration purposes. Reasonable diligence will be exercised in performing their duties so that they do not interfere with the operational needs of the Employer. With the exception of the elected President of the Union, cross unit representation is not permitted.
Bargaining Unit. The bargaining unit shall consist of all employees for whom the Union has been certified to bargain collectively pursuant to the Public Service Labour Relations Act, except those employees or classes of employees who may be excluded pursuant to Clause 2.03 of this Agreement.
Bargaining Unit. The term "bargaining unit" as used in this Agreement refers to one or more of the bargaining units defined in Article 1, Recognition.