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Your Responsibilities. You are responsible for the following: • You agree not to use the Card if such use would cause your Account to exceed the credit limit. • You agree to pay immediately upon demand any amount in excess of the maximum credit limit. • You are responsible for all transactions and cash advances made through the use of your Card by yourself, or any Authorized User, or any person you allow to use your Card. • You will not authorize anyone else to use your personal Card (other than Authorized Users added to the Account) and you will not transfer your Card to anyone. If you do give your Card to another individual, you will be responsible for all transactions and cash advances made through the use of your Card. • You agree to notify us AT ONCE if you believe your Card has been lost or stolen or if someone has used or may use your Card without your permission by contacting your local branch immediately or by calling us at 0-000-000-0000 or 000-000-0000 locally in Raleigh. You may also write us at Our Mailing Address. Calls to the Credit Union may be recorded. • You agree to cooperate with us in our investigation of any possible unauthorized use of your Card. • You agree to retain copies of all sales slips, cash advance slips, or any other instrument acknowledging or recognizing a transaction, and to use such copies to identify transactions reported on your periodic statement. • You will not use your Card in an illegal transaction or in connection with an Internet gambling transaction. Interest Rates and Interest Charges Percentage Rate (APR) This APR will vary based on the 26-week for Treasury Bill rate rounded up to the nearest Purchases 1/4%* APR for Balance Transfers 7.75% This APR will vary based on the 26-week Treasury Bill rate rounded up to the nearest 1/4%* APR for Cash Advances 7.75% This APR will vary based on the 26-week Treasury Bill rate rounded up to the nearest 1/4%* Paying Interest Your due date is at least 21 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you any interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month. We will begin charging interest on cash advances on the transaction posting date. For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at xxxx:// Bureau Fees Annual Fee None Transaction Fees • Balance Transfer • Cas...
Your Responsibilities. You shall use the Service only for your own personal use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You shall not make the Service available or transfer your rights to use the Service for the benefit of any third party. Upon your receipt of confirmation from us that we have accepted an image of the Check you transmitted, you must securely store the original Check for thirty (30) days, and agree to thereafter destroy the original of the deposited Check in a secure manner such as shredding. During the time that you hold the original Check, you agree to make it available to us at no cost on request at any time. You agree to cooperate with us in the investigation of any unusual transactions with quality images, or other problems related to the Check. You acknowledge and agree that you will bear sole responsibility and liability in the event of multiple deposits of the same Check, whether such multiple deposits are intentional or unintentional and whether resulting from fraud or for any other reason whatsoever, and whether such multiple deposits are made electronically or as paper checks with us or any other financial institution, or any combination thereof. You agree that we may debit the amount of any such Check which is deposited more than once from your Bank Account, and to the extent funds in your Bank Account are insufficient to cover that amount, then any balance owed may be debited by us from any of your other Bank Accounts, as we determine in our sole discretion. You agree that the Bank has no liability or responsibility for any failure to detect a duplicate Check, and you shall indemnify, defend, and hold the Bank and its agents harmless from and against all liability, damage and loss arising from any claims, suits, or demands, brought by third parties with respect to any Check Image, Substitute Check, or original Check processed through the Service as described above.
Your Responsibilities. Your actions can greatly affect energy use in your Home. You are not covered under this Limited Guarantee unless you exercise prudent energy management for your Home. As a condition to maintaining this Limited Guarantee, you agree to:

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  • Your Responsibilities Regarding Management of Your Computer, Other Devices and Data.

  • Your Responsibilities You will provide a complete Summary of Benefits and Coverage, along with the uniform Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms to your employees as required by the Affordable Care Act and associated regulations.

  • Your Responsibilities in the Texas Workers’ Compensation System 1.

  • For additional guidance, please see Questions and Answers or Your Responsibilities.

  • Your Responsibilities a) Health and Safety: If you or your child is sick on the day of your appointment, please contact reception at 250-371-4100.

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Your Responsibilities means the responsibilities set out in clause 4 and in the Specific Engagement Terms (if any);
Your Responsibilities. As part of your responsibilities under this Agreement, you are legally required to: ● Never keep any record of your PIN near or with your Debit Card (such as in your wallet or by your devices you use to access ATB Personal); ● Never write your PIN on your Debit Card; ● Not choose a PIN that is easy to guess—you should not use your birthday, your dog’s name, your home address, your social insurance number, or any combinations that are easy to remember (such as 1-2-3-4 or 7-7-7-7); ● Not choose a PIN that you use for any other purposes; ● Cover the keypad when entering your PIN, using your hand or body as a shield, while making sure that no one can see you; ● Never give your PIN, Debit Card number or One-Time Passcode to anyone, regardless of how close someone may be to you or if the person asking is law enforcement or claims to be from ATB; ● Never use a POS terminal or ABM that appears to have been altered in any way (call the police instead); and ● Always keep your Debit Card in your possession and take care of it, including keeping it in sight at all times when making a purchase. If you have any questions about your responsibilities regarding your PIN and Debit Card or any security Credential, you can always give ATB Client Care a call at 0-000-000-0000.
Your Responsibilities. It is your responsibility to keep your Username and Password, as well as any other Credentials you use to access your Account, safe, secure and confidential. Under this Agreement, you agree to never provide your Username or Password to any person, nor to select a Username or Password that is easy to guess. Your responsibilities that are set out in this Agreement in respect of keeping your PIN and Credentials safe, secure and confidential also apply equally in respect of your Password. As such: ● Never keep any record of your Password near your device or in your wallet; ● Do not choose a Password that is easy to guess ● Do not choose a Password that you use for any other purposes; ● Never give your Password to anyone, regardless of how close someone may be to you or if the person asking is law enforcement. You are responsible for any transaction made on your 6ccount where your Password and Username are used. If you think or you suspect that an unauthorized person has obtained your Username and Password, you must notify us as soon as possible. We are not responsible for acting on any instructions that we believe are received from you prior to notification of any unauthorized access. PROVIDING 6CCOUNT INSTRUCTIONS: There are many ways to give us instructions on your Account, including coming into a branch, calling ATB Client Care at 0-000-000-0000 or through ATB Personal. In some cases, we’ll accept instructions by email or fax, but keep in mind that email and fax are not secure forms of communication, nor can we guarantee when we would end up reading the communication. We’ll act on any instruction(s) where the proper Username and Password is provided to us and treat any such instruction(s) as valid even if they were not made by you or with your authority—in other words, when we get an instruction and your Username and Password are used, or they come from your email address provided to us, we have the authority to act and rely on that instruction and we will treat it as a valid and binding instruction directly made, signed, initiated or transmitted by you, if we believe the instruction was given by you. We do not have any obligation to inquire as to the validity of any instruction(s) provided as above We’ll not be responsible for any loss you may incur because we acted on instructions that we thought were genuine, or because we didn’t act on instructions that we thought were improper, unlawful, fraudulent or mistaken. SIGNING 6UTHORITY: Joint Accounts can hav...
Your Responsibilities. What we Expect from You For your health and safety and the health and safety of others, we ask you to accept the following responsibilities. If you do not act according to these responsibilities, you may be asked to leave: Health and Wellbeing • You are responsible for your own health. Please pay attention to how you are feeling and let staff know if you start to feel ill and we will ensure that you get the medical care you need. • Please maintain personal hygiene • Please keep your room clean, and clean up after yourself, using disinfecting supplies to clean surfaces every day • Please always wear a face mask and gloves when you are around others • Please take care of yourself, rest to support your recovery, and remain safe • Please be respectful of others, including other guests, staff, and volunteers State Emergency Operations Center Housing Strategy – Isolation/Quarantine & Recovery Staying at the Xxxxxxxxxx Recovery Center • Governor Xxxxx announced a “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order for all residents, asking everyone to stay home, which applies here, too. • You agree to stay onsite at the Xxxxxxxxxx Recovery Center (Holiday Inn) at all times. • You may go outside for fresh air in the interior courtyard. You are required to stay in this area, and it is monitored by staff. • Quiet hours are from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment for all guests. • If you decide to end your stay at the Recovery Center, we can arrange transportation to a reasonable destination within the State. Once you leave the Recovery Center you may not be able to return. Behavior • You are expected to participate in regular health checks, up to daily, as requested • If you are required to follow certain restrictions or conditions from other programs, you are expected to follow them here • Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed on property • If you are found to be selling drugs (including medication) on the property, we will notify the police, and obtain a no-trespass order. • Please respect quiet hours between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. • Smoking is only allowed in the interior courtyard • Weapons, violence and threatening behavior are not allowed • You must be clothed and have shoes or slippers on at all times. • Due to the Stay Safe Stay Home order, no visitors will be allowed at any time. Personal Items • Please take with you any items that you bring. Any owner identifiable belongings left onsite after discharge will be held on site securely for 15 days, and you can call u...
Your Responsibilities means your responsibilities as specified on the Product Website and these terms and conditions.
Your Responsibilities is modified as follows: You must ensure that all third parties using the Cloud Service through You agree (a) to use the Cloud Service in full compliance with this Offer Description and the Agreement, and (b) to the extent permitted by applicable law, to waive any and all claims directly against Cisco related to the Cloud Service.
Your Responsibilities. You are solely responsible for Your Site(s), including all contents and materials, maintenance and operations thereof, the proper implementation of the Company’s technical specifications, and adherence to the terms of this Agreement, including compliance with program policies. The Company will not be responsible for anything related to Your Site(s) and shall not be required to provide you with any notice should the Ads not be properly displayed to the end users of Your Site(s). The Company shall not monitor, supervise or review, and shall not be responsible for any content appearing or otherwise distributed on, at or in association with Your Site(s) except for that content which is supplied to You by the Company, provided that said content supplied to You by the Company has not be altered or modified by You or any other party.