Credit Card Sample Clauses

Credit Card. If a credit card was used to add value to Bee Card the refund can be posted to the same credit card if: 1. the add value was performed within the last 6 months and 2. refund amount is less than last add value transaction.
Credit Card. Lessor is hereby appointed as Renter’s attorney in fact and Lessor is irrevocably authorized and instructed to debit all such unpaid amounts, as indicated in paragraph 7 of this Rental Contract, against any credit cards used by Renter for any initial payment or deposit to Lessor or used as a credit reference. All charges are subject to final audit or revision by Lessor.
Credit Card. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be prompted to provide your credit card information and will be presented with a screen that reflects the amount of your subscription, the amount of fees that would be charged by the credit card issuer for the transaction and the total amount payable.
Credit Card. The District shall provide the Superintendent with a District Credit Card to be used solely for business expenses incurred in connection with the execution of his duties as Superintendent.
Credit Card. Lessor is hereby irrevocably authorized to debit all such unpaid amounts, as indicated in paragraph 7 of this Contract, against any credit cards used by You for any initial payments or deposits to Lessor or used as credit references. All charges are subject to final audit or revision by Xxxxxx.
Credit Card. If rent is paid by Credit Card rent must include a credit card convenience fee of 4% of what is charged.
Credit Card. Regarding payments made by credit card, CenturyLink reserves the right to only accept certain card providers and may modify the list of such providers, including no longer accepting any credit card payments of any kind from any card providers, at any time without prior notice to you. If you provide CenturyLink your credit card information, you authorize CenturyLink to automatically charge your provided credit card for all charges on your account, and CenturyLink will automatically charge your credit card for all such charges on the applicable billing due date shown on your billing statement, to the extent possible. No chargebacks are available or permitted.
Credit Card. Occupant provides Owner the following credit/debit card information on a credit/debit card owned by Occupant or upon which Occupant has authority to charge as described below: Name on card Expiration Security Code Type of card Credit/Debit Card Number: Credit/Debit Card Billing Address: AUTHORIZATION By providing credit/debit card information, Occupant has authorized Owner to automatically charge Rent to the credit/debit card referenced in the Summary Terms and Conditions (which is owned by the Occupant or upon which Occupant has authority to charge) on the First Day of each month, or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter, on the First day of each month of the Term. This authorization shall continue and include any increases in Rent and other charges assessed to the Occupant. In any circumstance, in the event Occupant terminates this authorization or the Rental Agreement owing any Rent, or other charges due to Owner, Owner may charge the credit/debit card listed any sum due and owing upon termination. No credit/debit cards are accepted at all for payment once Occupant is Thirty-One (31) days late. It is Occupant’s responsibility to notify Owner of any new or updated credit/debit card information changes (including updating an expiration date on a credit/debit card.) Occupant shall be charged late fees and other Default charges if the credit/debit card payment is not approved by Occupant’s bank/credit/debit card provider. To the extent there is a conflict between the terms and conditions of the Self-Service Storage Rental Agreement and this Addendum, to the extent possible, the terms of this Addendum shall control.
Credit Card. When enrolled in a credit card payment processing method, you authorize us to charge your credit card, as designated by you in our payment portal, for any payments due under the Quote. For each credit card transaction, we reserve the right to add a convenience fee to the applicable invoice which will not exceed the actual costs we incur to accept your credit card.
Credit Card. We have issued or will send you a credit card for your use. You are not permitted to allow anyone else to use your credit card, but if you do, you will be responsible for such use. You will destroy all the credit card(s) issued on your account if we ask you to do so.