Annual Fee definition

Annual Fee has the meaning stated in Section 4.02(a).
Annual Fee means the fee we charge annually for each Card issued on the Account;

Examples of Annual Fee in a sentence

  • One quarter of the applicable Annual Fee shall be paid to Contractor for each calendar quarter for which Contractor renders services under this Agreement.

  • Fees• Annual Fee None Penalty Fees• Late Payment• Returned Payment Up to $38.00Up to $38.00 How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called "daily balance." See your Account agreement for more details.Billing Rights: Information on your rights to dispute transactions and how to exercise those rights is provided in your account agreement.

  • Annual Fee $1312.00:Motion: Mr. Clark 2nd: Mr. Metzger Ayes- All• Update on the 2017 Benovation run-out claims.

  • If applicable, the Annual Fee is payable whether or not you use the Account.

  • The Lender shall pay HGIA a Closing Fee and an Annual Fee as set forth below.

More Definitions of Annual Fee

Annual Fee. We charge an annual fee against the Contract Value on each Contract Anniversary prior to the Annuity Date, and at the time you withdraw the entire Net Contract Value. The annual fee is shown in the Contract Specifications. This fee is guaranteed not to increase. The annual fee is waived if, on any Contract Anniversary prior to the Annuity Date, or at the time you make a full withdrawal, the Net Contract Value is equal to or greater than the amount shown in the Contract Specifications. We will not impose the annual fee on amounts applied to provide an annuity or on payment of the death benefit proceeds.
Annual Fee means the amount established from time to time by OTC Markets Group and initially set forth in these OTCQX Rules for U.S. Banks, which the Company must remit to OTC Markets Group for its securities to be traded on the OTCQX tier indicated on the Cover Sheet.
Annual Fee means the fee which Advisors must pay annually to cover the ongoing cost of maintaining the Sales Tools.
Annual Fee means the Annual Fee paid by the Member to the Company per annum when the Member first enrolls and every twelve (12) months period starting from the enrollment date to maintain the Membership Status;
Annual Fee means the fee charged by the Authority for annual renewals of Collateral Support for lines of credit up to a total of 48 months.
Annual Fee means the annual fee determined by the Council in terms of section 28(1)(b);