Late Payment Sample Clauses

Late Payment. Timeliness of payment and any interest to be paid to Contractor for late payment shall be governed by Article 11-A of the State Finance Law to the extent required by law.
Late Payment. Client shall pay to Consultant all fees within fifteen (15) days of the due date. Failure of Client to finally pay any fees within fifteen (15) days after the applicable due date shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement, justifying suspension of the performance of the "Services" provided by Consultant, will be sufficient cause for immediate termination of this Agreement by Consultant. Any such suspension will in no way relieve Client from payment of fees, and, in the event of collection enforcement, Client shall be liable for any costs associated with such collection, including, but not limited to, legal costs, attorneys' fees, courts costs, and collection agency fees.
Late Payment. If any portion of the payment is not received by BellSouth on or before the payment due date as set forth above, or if any portion of the payment is received by BellSouth in funds that are not immediately available to BellSouth, then a late payment and/or interest charge shall be due to BellSouth. The late payment and/or interest charge shall apply to the portion of the payment not received and shall be assessed as set forth in Section A2 of BellSouth’s GSST, Section B2 of the Private Line Service Tariff or Section E2 of the BellSouth intrastate Access Services Tariff, or pursuant to the applicable state law as determined by BellSouth. In addition to any applicable late payment and/or interest charges, OneTone may be charged a fee for all returned checks at the rate set forth in Section A2 of BellSouth’s GSST or pursuant to the applicable state law.
Late Payment. If Tenant fails to pay any installment of rent within five (5) days of when due or if Tenant fails to make any other payment for which Tenant is obligated under this Lease within five (5) days of when due, such late amount will accrue interest at the Interest Rate and Tenant agrees to pay Landlord as additional rent such interest on such amount from the date such amount becomes due until such amount is paid. In addition, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord concurrently with such late payment amount, as additional rent, a late charge equal to five percent (5%) of the amount due to compensate Landlord for the extra costs Landlord will incur as a result of such late payment. The parties agree that (i) it would be impractical and extremely difficult to fix the actual damage Landlord will suffer in the event of Tenant's late payment, (ii) such interest and late charge represents a fair and reasonable estimate of the detriment that Landlord will suffer by reason of late payment by Tenant, and (iii) the payment of interest and late charges are distinct and separate in that the payment of interest is to compensate Landlord for the use of Landlord's money by Tenant, while the payment of late charges is to compensate Landlord for Landlord's processing, administrative and other costs incurred by Landlord as a result of Tenant's delinquent payments. Acceptance of any such interest and late charge will not constitute a waiver of the Tenant's default with respect to the overdue amount, or prevent Landlord from exercising any of the other rights and remedies available to Landlord. If Tenant incurs a late charge more than three (3) times in any period of twelve (12) months during the Lease Term, then, notwithstanding that Tenant cures the late payments for which such late charges are imposed, Landlord will have the right to require Tenant thereafter to pay all installments of Monthly Base Rent quarterly in advance throughout the remainder of the Lease Term.
Late Payment. If Landlord shall not have received any payment or installment of Annual Fixed Rent or Additional Rent (the “Outstanding Amount”) on or before the date on which the same first becomes payable under this Lease (the “Due Date”), the amount of such payment or installment shall incur a late charge equal to the sum of: (a) five percent (5%) of the Outstanding Amount for administration and bookkeeping costs associated with the late payment and (b) interest on the Outstanding Amount from the Due Date through and including the date such payment or installment is received by Landlord, at a rate equal to the lesser of (i) the rate announced by Bank of America, N.A. (or its successor) from time to time as its prime or base rate (or if such rate is no longer available, a comparable rate reasonably selected by Landlord), plus two percent (2%), or (ii) the maximum applicable legal rate, if any. Such interest shall be deemed Additional Rent and shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord upon demand.
Late Payment. If Advertiser fails to timely pay, Station may suspend the Campaigns running hereunder or immediately terminate this Agreement. If any amount is not paid by Advertiser when due, such amount shall bear interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or the maximum amount permitted by law (whichever is lower), computed from the original due date until paid. Without limiting the foregoing, if Advertiser’s account remains unpaid for thirty (30) days or more past the due date, Station reserves the right to suspend all Campaigns until all such overdue amounts (and any applicable interest charges, as specified above) are paid. In addition, Advertiser agrees to reimburse Station for all expenses incurred by Station in connection with the collection of amounts payable hereunder, including court costs and attorneys' fees. All deliverables will be the property of Station until payment in full is received.
Late Payment. If the Client does not pay fees when due, a fee will be charged on all overdue balances. This fee will differ by country and is listed in the House Rules. If the Client disputes any part of an invoice the Client must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. The Provider also reserves the right to withhold services (including for the avoidance of doubt, denying the Client access to its accommodation(s)) while there are any outstanding fees and/or interest or the Client is in breach of this agreement.
Late Payment. Any payment under this Agreement that is not paid on or before the date such payment is due shall bear interest, to the extent permitted by Applicable Law, at […***…] points above the average one-month Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR), as reported by Reuters from time to time, calculated on the number of days such payment is overdue.
Late Payment. In addition to any other rights the Bank may have hereunder, if any payment of principal or interest or any portion thereof, under this Agreement is not paid within 5 days of when due, a late payment charge equal to five percent (5%) of such past due payment may be assessed and shall be immediately payable.