Law Enforcement Sample Clauses

Law Enforcement. 24.1 Each Party may cooperate with law enforcement authorities and national security authorities to the full extent required or permitted by Applicable Law in matters related to Services provided by it under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the production of records, the establishment of new lines or the installation of new services on an existing line in order to support law enforcement and/or national security operations, and, the installation of wiretaps, trap-and-trace facilities and equipment, and dialed number recording facilities and equipment.
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Law Enforcement. 24.1 Except to the extent not available in connection with CenturyLink’s operation of its own business, CenturyLink shall provide assistance to law enforcement persons for emergency traps, assistance involving emergency traces and emergency information retrieval on customer invoked CLASS services, twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week.
Law Enforcement. Law enforcement efforts shall be coordinated to the maximum extent possible, at all levels by all Parties. The Parties shall render mutual assistance in law enforcement activities and the gathering of evidence, and in actual court prosecutions to the fullest extent practicable.
Law Enforcement. 30.1 AT&T-21STATE and CLEC shall reasonably cooperate with the other Party in handling law enforcement requests as follows:
Law Enforcement. All employees of the Executive Branch of the State of Minnesota who are licensed peace officers, as that term is defined in Minn. Stat. § 626.05, subd. 2, whose employment service exceeds the lesser of fourteen (14) hours per week or 35% of the normal work week and more than sixty-seven (67) days per year, excluding supervisory employees, confidential employees, and other employees excluded by the Public Employment Labor Relations Act, Minn. Ch. 179A.
Law Enforcement. Definition - The Law Enforcement Process assures that CLEC (as a reseller of Wholesale Resale Services) is in compliance with law enforcement requirements related to providing local Services to its Customers. The Parties agree to comply with law enforcement requirements as provided by the CALEA.
Law Enforcement. 33.1 SBC-12 STATE and CLEC shall reasonably cooperate with the other Party in handling law enforcement requests as follows:
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Law Enforcement. The Israeli and Palestinian law enforcement agencies shall cooperate in combating illicit drug trafficking, illegal trafficking in archaeological artifacts and objects of arts, cross-border crime, including theft and fraud, organized crime, trafficking in women and minors, counterfeiting, pirate TV and radio stations, and other illegal activity.
Law Enforcement. We may release PHI if required to do so by a law enforcement official: • regarding a crime victim in certain situations, if we are unable to obtain the person’s agreement; • concerning a death we believe has resulted from criminal conduct; • regarding criminal conduct at our offices; • in response to a warrant, summons, court order, subpoena, or similar legal process; • to identify or locate a suspect, material witness, fugitive or missing person; • in an emergency, to report a crime (including the location or victim(s) of the crime, or the description, identity, or location of the perpetrator).
Law Enforcement. A. Employees with law enforcement responsibilities will be properly trained and equipped to accomplish the job, providing for safety to employees and the public in accordance with FSM 5300.
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