Authority to Act Sample Clauses

Authority to Act. Architect/Engineer warrants, represents, and agrees that (1) it is a duly organized and validly existing legal entity in good standing under the laws of the state of its incorporation or organization; (2) it is duly authorized and in good standing to conduct business in the State of Texas; (3) it has all necessary power and has received all necessary approvals to execute and deliver this Agreement; and (4) the individual executing this Agreement on behalf of Architect/Engineer has been duly authorized to act for and bind Architect/Engineer.
Authority to Act. The individual signing on behalf of Contractor is authorized to act on Contractor’s behalf, has authority and knowledge regarding the matters certifying in this Section 11;
Authority to Act. Bank shall be entitled to act on any notices and instructions (telephonic or written) believed by Bank to have been delivered by any person authorized to act on behalf of Borrower pursuant hereto, regardless of whether such notice or instruction was in fact delivered by a person authorized to act on behalf of Borrower, and Borrower hereby agrees to indemnify Bank and hold Bank harmless from and against any and all losses and expenses, if any, ensuing from any such action.
Authority to Act. Custodian shall be deemed to have received proper instructions with respect to the Receivable Files upon its receipt of written instructions signed by an Authorized Officer of Indenture Trustee or Owner Trustee, as applicable. A certified copy of excerpts of certain resolutions of the Board of Directors of Indenture Trustee or Owner Trustee, as applicable, shall constitute conclusive evidence of the authority of any such Authorized Officer to act and shall be considered in full force and effect until receipt by Custodian of written notice to the contrary given by Indenture Trustee or Owner Trustee, as applicable.
Authority to Act. A. Escrow Agent is hereby authorized and directed by the undersigned to deliver the subject matter of this Escrow Agreement only in accordance with the provisions of Article I of this Escrow Agreement.
Authority to Act. The approval of any court, the Trustor, or any beneficiary of any Trust created by this Trust shall not be required for any dealings with the Trustee of this Trust, and any person so dealing with the Trustee of this Trust shall assume that the Trustee has the same power and authority to act as any individual does in the management of his or her own affairs. Further, upon presentation of a copy of this page and any other page of this Trust, any person shall accept same as conclusive proof of the terms and authority granted by this Trust, and shall assume that no conflicting terms or directions are contained in any of the omitted pages.
Authority to Act. Each Party warrants it is not required to obtain any authorizations, approvals, or consents from any government bodies or regulatory authorities for the execution and delivery of this Agreement and its performance hereunder, its execution, delivery and performance of all of the terms and provisions under this Agreement has been duly authorized by proper corporate or other action under the laws of the state of its incorporation, formation or organization, and no consent of any third person to its execution, delivery, and performance under this Agreement is otherwise required.
Authority to Act. The Secretary of the Company shall from time to time certify to the Trustee the person or persons authorized to act for the Company, the Committee and the Board of Directors, and shall provide the Trustee with such information regarding the Company as the Trustee may reasonably request. The Trustee may continue to rely on any such certification until notified to the contrary.