In any form definition

In any form means that Ageas does not tolerate either active bribery (acting corruptly by giving or attempting to give a bribe) or passive bribery (acting corruptly by seeking, agreeing to accept or accepting a bribe).
In any form means that the employee must be opposed to receiving or participating in all vaccinations, not just the COVID-19 vaccination required by the Governor’s Executive Order and OHA administrative rules.

Examples of In any form in a sentence

  • One day of sick leave awarded will equal the number of hours the employee is contracted to work per day, regardless of the number of days per week they work.

  • In any form as defined in Section 4 subsection D-4 of this Code of Student Conduct and based on the preponderance of evidence, by any group, organization, or individual may result in suspension or expulsion from the University.

  • In any form coverage must be equivalent to that provided in ISO form CG 24 15 "Limited Pollution Liability Extension Endorsement" or CG 28 31 "Pollution Exclusion Amendment" with limits of at least $5,000,000 per occurrence and an aggregate limit of $10,000,000.

  • In any form, the new obligation must completely replace the prior one.

  • In any form coverage must be equivalent to that provided in ISO form CG 24 15 "Limited Pollution Liability Extension Endorsement" or CG 28 31 "Pollution Exclusion Amendment" with limits of at least $5,000,000 per occurrence and an aggregate limit of$10,000,000.

  • In any form of investment research and evaluation, there is no substitute for the reasoned judgment of the investment committee and its managers.

  • In any form, in the event of a dispute that has occurred for more than one year, the customer shall not make any dispute regarding this limited warranty.

  • ILLUMINATED – In any form, "illuminated" means lighting of the sign by artificial means.

  • In any form of investment named in 20 Pa.C.S. Ch. 73 (relating to municipalities investments).

  • In any form or manner prohibited by other provisions of this Investment Policy Statement.SECTION VII—INVESTMENT MATURITY LIMITATIONSOperating funds must be identified and distinguished from all other funds available for investment.

Related to In any form

  • in any Person means any loan or advance to such Person, any purchase or other acquisition of any Equity Interests or Debt or the assets comprising a division or business unit or a substantial part or all of the business of such Person, any capital contribution to such Person or any other direct or indirect investment in such Person, including, without limitation, any acquisition by way of a merger or consolidation and any arrangement pursuant to which the investor incurs Debt of the types referred to in clause (i) or (j) of the definition of "Debt" in respect of such Person.

  • Odometer means a device for measuring and recording the actual distance a

  • Court Meeting means the meeting(s) of the Scheme Shareholders to be convened by order of the Court pursuant to section 896 of the Companies Act, notice of which will be set out in the Scheme Document, for the purpose of approving the Scheme, including any adjournment thereof;

  • Prehearing conference means a proceeding scheduled and conduc- ted by a hearing officer to address issues in preparation for a formal administrative hearing.

  • Convener ’ means a person who impar- tially assists an agency in determining wheth- er establishment of a negotiated rulemaking committee is feasible and appropriate in a par- ticular rulemaking;

  • Yourself means any person/s (end user) being of the legal age of eighteen (18) years.

  • General Meeting means a general meeting of members convened in accordance with rule 12.

  • Informal hearing means an opportunity for the student to meet with an administrator, be informed of the reasons for the disciplinary action proposed, and be given an opportunity to explain the situation orally and/or in writing.

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor means the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University;

  • Court Hearing means the hearing by the High Court of the Petition to sanction the Scheme under Section 453 of the Act.

  • Inaugural Meeting means the first meeting of Council held after a municipal election in a regular election year;

  • ballot box means the locked and sealed container in which ballots are deposited by eligible electors. The term includes the container in which ballots are transferred from a polling location to the office of the designated election official and the transfer case in which electronic ballot cards and paper tapes and the "prom" or any other electronic tabulation device are sealed by election judges for transfer to the central counting center.

  • Scheme Meeting means the meeting or meetings of the INM Shareholders or, if applicable, any class or classes of INM Shareholders (including as may be directed by the High Court pursuant to Section 450(5) of the Act) (and any adjournment of any such meeting or meetings) convened by (i) resolution of the INM Board or (ii) order of the High Court, in either case pursuant to Section 450 of the Act, to consider and vote on the Scheme Meeting Resolution;

  • Sale Hearing means the hearing conducted by the Bankruptcy Court to approve the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Guardianship means, for the purposes of permanency planning, a dependency guardianship, a legal guardianship pursuant to chapter 11.88 RCW, or equivalent laws of another state or a federally recognized Indian Tribe. RCW 13.34.145

  • wife s employment income rate" means the wife's employment income rate specified in paragraph 1A of Head B of the Third Schedule;

  • primary beneficiary means the individual for whose primary benefit the trust is then held.

  • Funeral means the ceremonies, rituals, and memorial

  • Roster ’ means a list of persons quali- fied to provide services as neutrals.

  • hybrid meeting means a general meeting convened for the (i) physical attendance by shareholders and/or proxies at the Principal Meeting Place and where applicable, one or more Meeting Locations and (ii) virtual attendance and participation by shareholders and/or proxies by means of electronic facilities;

  • Primary Residence means an Insured’s fixed, permanent and main home for legal and tax purposes.

  • Young adult means a person aged 18 through 20 years.

  • You, Your, Yourself means the Insured Person shown in the Schedule.

  • Formal hearing means a board or department process that provides for the right of private parties to submit factual proofs as provided in § 2.2-4020 of the Administrative Process Act in connection with case decisions. Formal hearings do not include the factual inquiries of an informal nature provided in § 2.2-4019 of the Administrative Process Act.

  • Notice Board means a board or boards designated as such and conspicuously located within the Club premises on which notices for the information of members are posted.

  • Dispositional hearing means a hearing to determine the order of disposition which should be made with respect to a child adjudged to be a ward of the court;