Third Party Sample Clauses

Third Party. Third Party" means a Person other than 3Com and its Subsidiaries and Palm and its Subsidiaries.
Third Party. The parties to this Agreement do not enter this Agreement to protect any specific third party. The intent of this Agreement excludes the idea of a suit by a third party beneficiary. The parties to this Agreement do not consent to the waiver of sovereign or governmental immunity under Texas law to the extent any party may have immunity under Texas law.
Third Party. No person dealing with the Trustee is obligated to see to the proper application of any money paid or property delivered to the Trustee, or to inquire whether the Trustee has acted pursuant to any of the terms of the Plan. Each person dealing with the Trustee may act upon any notice, request or representation in writing by the Trustee, or by the Trustee's duly authorized agent, and is not liable to any person in so acting. The certificate of the Trustee that is acting in accordance with the Plan will be conclusive in favor of any person relying on the certificate.
Third Party. Third Party" means a Person other than MRV and its Subsidiaries and Luminent and its Subsidiaries.
Third Party. To the extent that any Collateral is in the possession of any third party, the Pledgor shall join with the Secured Party in notifying such third party of the Secured Party’ security interest in such Collateral and shall use its best efforts to obtain an acknowledgement and agreement from such third party with respect to the Collateral, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Secured Party.
Third Party. “Third Party” shall mean any Person other than a Party or an Affiliate of a Party.
Third Party. The Company hereby represents to the Trustee that any account to be opened by, or interest to be held by, the Trustee in connection with this Indenture, for or to the credit of the Company, either (i) is not intended to be used by or on behalf of any third party; or (ii) is intended to be used by or on behalf of a third party, in which case, the Company hereto agrees to complete and execute forthwith a declaration in the Trustee’s prescribed form as to the particulars of such third party.
Third Party. Section 5.4(b)........................................37