Home Address Sample Clauses

Home Address. The employee confirms the home address to be: - Name: Contact Person: Address: Telephone:
Home Address. Each employee who is on layoff shall keep the Board informed of his/her current home address and telephone number. At least fifteen (15) days prior to the reporting date, the Board will provide, in person or by certified mail sent to the employee's home address which is on file with the Board, return notification to each employee who is being recalled. The notification shall include the reporting date.
Home Address. The employee confirms the home address to be:- Contact Person: Name : Address: Telephone:
Home Address. PHONE: EMAIL:
Home Address. The Employee confirms his/her permanent home address to be:- Name: Address: Telephone: Contact Person:
Home Address. Suburb:State: Post Code: 1.7 Mailing Address: (if same as Q1.6 write ‘same’) Suburb:State: Post Code: 1.8 Contact Details: Home: Work: Mobile: Email: SECTION 2: QUALIFICATIONS: 2.1 List the qualifications you may have or the level of education you have obtained to date. (You may add additional pages to this form) SECTION 3:SUBJECT PREFERENCES 3.1 List the subject preferences that you would like to tutor: 3.2 Have you worked with Indigenous students before: YES NO If yes, give details: Your Information and Privacy The Privacy Xxx 0000 protects personal information held by Commonwealth Government Agencies. However, the information Act also allows for us to give your personal information to another person or agency only: If you agree, or Where you are reasonably likely to have been aware that the information is usually disclosed to that person or agency, or Where the disclosure of your information is necessary for the enforcement of criminal law or a law imposing fine, or for the protection of the public revenue, or If the disclosure is authorised by law. The University of Xxxxxxxxxx takes privacy responsibilities seriously and will maintain the confidentiality of the electronic and written information about you. If you believe your privacy has been breached you can contact the University directly and to have the matter investigated. If you wish, you can contact the Privacy Officer on (00) 0000 0000 and have the matter privately investigated. Or you can write to the Privacy Officer, University of Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx XXX 0000.
Home Address. DOC Specifications
Home Address. When the Artist accepts the engagement the address which they give as their home address will be the one which is then specified on the Artist’s contract. As it is this contractual address which determines whether or not subsistence is paid, both parties need to be clear at the outset what is the home address of the Artist. The home address must be where the Artist regularly resides when not engaged in acting or stage management employment which requires the Artist to relocate or tour. The Manager has the right to ask the Artist to provide evidence (eg. copies of bills or a bank statement) of their home address to prove this.