You agree to Sample Clauses

You agree to. 3.1 Answer fully and frankly all questions contained in the Registration form, the Health form, and the Parental Consent form for school visits.
You agree to. (i) comply with this Agreement, applicable law and the Savvis Acceptable Use Policy (located at ; (ii) pay all fees and applicable Taxes for the Services, (iii) use reasonable security precautions in light of your use of the Services, including encrypting any personally identifiable information or other sensitive, non-public information transmitted, stored or processed using the Services, and ensure your End Users, if any, do the same (iv) provide reasonable cooperation with Savvis’ investigation of outages, security problems, and any suspected breach of the Agreement, (v) keep your billing, credit card, Notices and other account information up to date; and (vi) immediately notify Savvis of any suspected unauthorized use of your account or the Services or any other breach of security. Savvis’ reasonable determination shall control if there is a dispute between us regarding the interpretation of applicable law or the AUP.
You agree to. 4.1 keep a copy (which may be an electronic copy) of this Agreement in the vehicle during the Subscription and show it to a Police officer, if asked;
You agree to. 11.1. keep your username and password information confidential;
You agree to. 1. Obey all applicable laws. The registered owner of a vehicle cited by the Illinois State Police for traffic violations that pose a significant public safety risk occurring within ½ mile prior to a toll collection point, at a toll collection point, or within ½ mile beyond a toll collection point will be suspended from the Tollway's I-PASS program for a period of 180 days. The I-PASS suspension shall commence no sooner than 30 days after the citation is disposed of with a finding of guilty and 10 days after the registered owner is supplied a final notice of suspension based on this subsection. The suspension shall apply to all I-PASS accounts registered to the owner of the vehicle who was the subject of the citation. For purposes of this paragraph, traffic violations that pose a significant public safety risk shall be limited to violations of the following Sections of the Illinois Vehicle Code: Sections 6-101 (driving without a valid license or permit), 6-303 (driving on suspended or revoked license), 6-507 (driving a commercial motor vehicle without a valid commercial driver's license), 6-515 (driving under the influence on a CDL), 11-501 (driving under the influence), 11-502 (open alcohol in vehicle), 11-503 (reckless driving or aggravated reckless driving), 11-504 (drag racing), 11-601.5 (driving 40 mph or more over applicable limit), 00-000 (xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx), 11-907 (improper operation near emergency vehicle) and 11-908 (improper operation near or in a construction or maintenance zone).

Related to You agree to

  • You will (a) provide us on request all information in your agent's possession or control of you or your agents as may be required to be filed or disclosed pursuant to Applicable Law, in each case regarding us, you, the Customer Documents or any Contract, Client Contract;

  • You a) acknowledge that you Use the Licensed Varieties at your own risk;

  • Recruitment When advertising for employees, the contractor will include in all advertisements for employees the notation: "An Equal Opportunity Employer." All such advertisements will be placed in publications having a large circulation among minorities and women in the area from which the project work force would normally be derived.

  • Progressive Discipline The Employer will follow the principles of progressive discipline. Disciplinary action shall be commensurate with the offense. Disciplinary action shall include: