The Card Sample Clauses

The Card. 2.1 The Card is and will be, at all times, the property of the Bank and must be surrendered to the Bank immediately upon request by the Bank or its duly authorized agent.
The Card. 3.1 The Card is the property of the Bank and will be returned to the Bank immediately by the Cardholder when requested by the Bank.
The Card. You acknowledge and agree that the Card is a general purpose multicurrency reloadable prepaid card. The Card is neither a gift card (nor intended to be used for gifting purposes), a credit card, nor a deposit account debit card. The monetary value accessible through use of the Card is limited to the funds that you have previously loaded to the Card or that have been loaded to the Card on your behalf by CAPES or CNPQ. The Card is not and does not access an individual bank “account” for purposes of certain laws and regulations (including, but not limited to, Regulation E and Regulation DD of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). However, we may use the term “account” and related terms for convenience from time to time when communicating with you about the Card and transactions and inquiries made with the Card. You may access the funds loaded to the Card and perform Card transactions only as described in this Agreement. You cannot link the Card to any deposit or credit account that you may have with us or with any other financial institution, except as provided in this Agreement. You may not obtain or write checks or drafts to access Card funds. You will not receive any interest on funds loaded to the Card. In our sole discretion we may refuse to issue a Card to anyone for any reason. Your Card cannot be redeemed for cash. We may provide you with a non-personalized temporary Card for immediate use pending the delivery to you of a personalized Card bearing your name. The transactions and uses described in this Agreement are generally available for the temporary Card. However, because your name will not appear on the front of the temporary Card, merchants who require identity verification may be unwilling to accept a temporary Card. Notwithstanding any expiration date that may appear on the temporary Card, the temporary Card will no longer be valid for use upon the earlier of
The Card. 1.1 The Card shall at all times remain the property of the Bank and shall be surrendered to the Bank immediately upon request.
The Card. (a) The Card shall be used by the Cardholder and any additional Card shall be used by the Authorized Cardholder exclusively and always within the limits of the balance available in the Card Account and/or the credit limit approved by the Bank and notified to the Cardholder and/or the holder of the Card Account from time to time in a manner the Bank deems appropriate, subject to the provisions of paragraph 15. It is understood that the initial limit will be notified to the Cardholder upon delivery of the Card. In case the Cardholder wishes to have a lower limit or a higher limit he should notify the Bank accordingly.
The Card. 4.1. The Cardholder will be given an ATM card that is linked to the Account. The Cardholder shall be responsible for the physical security of the Card. The Bank and any of its authorized officer, employee, associate or agent may retain the Card, require the Cardholder to return the Card or suspend the use of the Card at any time in its absolute discretion. The Bank shall not be liable for any losses or damages suffered by the Cardholder as a result thereof.
The Card. 2.1 Upon issuing the Card the Bank will give the Cardholder a secret personal access code (hereinafter the PIN), which shall be considered as the signature of the Cardholder when carrying out Transactions. Upon issuing an extension card the Bank may retain for the new card the PIN used for the previous card.
The Card. You agree to sign the back of the Card before using it. The Card is the property of the Bank. We can require you to surrender your Card to us, or to any merchant or financial institution where you have presented the Card. The Card is not valid after its printed expiration date, but we may suspend, cancel, replace or renew your Card at any time. You may request additional Cards at no additional cost for family members or other persons that you authorize to use your Account, but you remain responsible for all of their charges.
The Card. 2.1 Unless the Cardmember requests to collect the Card personally the Bank will send the Card by ordinary post or in any other manner to the Cardmember at the Cardmember’s risk.
The Card. (a) The Card shall be used by the Cardholder exclusively and always within the limits of the balance available in the Card Account.