The Account Sample Clauses

The Account. 1. AEME is fully authorized to manage and operate the Card Account and to debit all Charges, Transactions made on the Card or any Supplementary Card, fees and other amounts for all of which the Cardmember shall be liable. The Cardmember irrevocably undertakes and promises to pay to AEME all Charges and amounts debited to or outstanding on the Card Account including Charges incurred on any Supplementary Card whether or not a record of the Charge or Transaction has been issued and or signed at the Service Establishment.
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The Account. Based on your selection and eligibility, your Account will be either a cash brokerage account or margin account. The Account may be used to purchase or sell securities and/or other property. All orders authorized by you for the purchase or sale of securities and/or other property, which may be listed on more than one exchange or market, may be executed on any exchange or market selected by us, unless otherwise specifically directed by you. If we provide recommendations, you recognize that these recommendations are merely opinions because such suggestions deal with future developments that cannot be predicted with certainty. We are under no obligation to keep you informed about developments in the market concerning securities and/or other property, and you will be responsible for remaining informed as to those securities and/or other property. Purchases of Securities. To process orders to purchase securities and/or other property, we require that your Account contain available funds equal to or greater than the purchase price of the securities and/or other property prior to the placement of an order. We may, in our full discretion, accept an order without sufficient funds in your Account with the understanding that payment will be submitted promptly. Any order inadvertently accepted and/or executed without sufficient funds in the Account will be subject, at our discretion, to cancellation or liquidation. If full funds are not available in the Account and an order is processed, your payment via wire or personal check, cashier's check, or money order must be promptly submitted to us to assure that such payment will be received by settlement date or, as market conditions warrant, your Account may be liquidated without prior notice to you.
The Account. The Account Holder represents and warrants to, and agrees with, the Pledgor and the Trustee and the Holders of the Notes that:
The Account. The Grantor and Securities Intermediary represent and warrant to, and agree with, the Grantor and the Secured Party that:
The Account. The Securities Intermediary represents and warrants to, and agrees with, the Secured Party that:
The Account. The Grantor and Securities Intermediary represent and warrant to, and agree with, the Grantor and the Collateral Trustee that:
The Account. The cash, securities and other assets placed by Client in the account to be managed under this Agreement (the "Account") are listed on Schedule A. Assets may be added to the Account at any time with the consent of the Manager. The Account will include these assets and any changes in them resulting from transactions directed by Manager, withdrawals made by Client, or dividends, interest, stock splits and other earnings, gains or losses on the assets. Assets placed in the Account by Client that are not to be managed by Manager are separately identified on Schedule A ("Unmanaged Assets"). Manager will include these assets in its periodic reports to Client, but will exclude their value from the Account in calculating Manager's fees.
The Account. The Grantor and the Commodity Intermediary represent and warrant to, and agree with, the Grantor and the Secured Party that:
The Account a. We will debit to the Settlement Account all Transactions made by the employees under the program or transfer all debits to the Settlement Account on each Statement date.
The Account. 1.1 These Terms & Conditions and the Trading Policy shall apply to the operation of the Account.