Copies to Sample Clauses

Copies to. Paying Office Accounting and Finance Office Other 49.605 Request to settle subcontractor settlement proposals. Contractors requesting authority to settle subcontractor settlement pro- posals shall furnish applicable informa- tion from the list below and any addi- tional information required by the con- tracting officer:
Copies to. In Witness Whereof, CMS, the Department, and the Contractor have caused this Contract to be executed by their respective authorized officers: [Contractor]: (Authorized Signatory) (Title) (Signature) (Date) United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: (Authorized Signatory) (Title) (Signature) (Date) (Authorized Signatory) (Title) (Signature) (Date) State of Illinois, Department of Healthcare and Family Services (Authorized Signatory) (Title) (Signature) (Date) Section 6: Appendices‌ APPENDIX A: COVERED SERVICES‌
Copies to. Facilities Management Department; Accounting Department; School; User Rev. 8/21/15
Copies to. 1. Patient 2. Pharmacy 3. Key worker 4. Prescribing Doctor
Copies to. [Representatives] The respective principal amounts of the Securities to be purchased by each of the Underwriters are set forth opposite their names in Schedule A hereto. Exhibit A-1 FORM OF OPINION OF COMPANY'S COUNSEL TO BE DELIVERED PURSUANT TO SECTION 5(b) Capitalized terms used herein shall have the same definitions as set forth in the underwriting agreement (the "Underwriting Agreement") to which this Exhibit A-1 is attached.
Copies to. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Executive Chairman Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Nez Perce Tribe Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, FHWA Operations Engineer Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, ODOT Region 4 REC Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, ODOT Archaeologist Key No. 18104, File Type C SHPO Tracking File References Cited: Xxxxx, Xxx X., and Xxxx X. Xxxxx 2008 Cultural Resource Survey of the Proposed Retail Development Project Area, The Dalles, Oregon. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. Report No. 2238. Prepared for PAC LAND, Portland, Oregon. Xxxxxxxx, Xxx 1993 Site form for 35WS262. On file, State Historic Preservation Office, Salem, Oregon. Land Office (GLO)
Copies to. The Contractor The Monitoring Officer of the Authority The Auditor of the Authority
Copies to. Coastal Regional Commission Attention: Finance Director 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX Xxxxxx, XX 00000 CONTRACTOR understands that according to the provisions of Title 50, Chapter 20, Sections 4 and 6 of the Official Code of Georgia, failure to comply with the above audit and financial reporting requirements could be cause for DHS and the CRC to suspend payments, to terminate this contract, to require a refund of all monies received under this contract and to prohibit the CONTRACTOR from receiving funds from any state organization for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of notification by DHS, the State Department of Audits and Accounts, or the CRC. PARA #303: IMMIGRATION AND SECURITY Provider X In-Home Services Contract CONTRACTOR agrees that Contractor complies with O.C.G.A. Sec. 13-10-90 et seq. regarding security and immigration compliance, and that Contractor has registered with, is authorized to use, uses, and will continue to use the federal work authorization program. Contractor also agrees that throughout the performance of this Contract, including renewal options, if any, exercised by the Department, Contractor will remain in full compliance with all federal and state immigration laws, including but not limited to O.C.G.A. §13-10-91. Contractor certifies by signing and providing the sworn affidavit titled Security and Immigration Affidavits, attached hereto as Xxxxx X, that Contractor will comply with O.C.G.A. Sec. §13-10-90 et. seq., and will certify the same upon the exercise of each renewal option, if any, by the Department. Furthermore, Contractor agrees to include the provisions contained in the foregoing paragraph in each subcontract and sub-contract for services hereunder, require and obtain a sworn affidavit in the applicable format set forth in the Annex titled Security and Immigration. Affidavits at the initiation of and throughout the contract period, and retain the affidavit(s) in accordance with the record retention requirements of this Contract.
Copies to. Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, City Attorney 7 City of Cocoa Beach 8 00 X Xxxxxxx Xxxx 0 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 00 000 000-0000 00 000 000-0000 Fax 12 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, City Clerk 00 Xxxx xx Xxxxx Xxxxx 00 X.X.Xxx 000000 16 0 X. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx 00 Xxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000-0000 00 000 000-0000 00 000 000-0000 20 21 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Chief 00 Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx 00 X.X.Xxx 000000 24 00 X. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx 00 Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000-0000 00 000 000-0000 27 28 Vendor: American Traffic Solutions 29 0000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx 00 Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 31 Attention: Chief Operating Officer
Copies to. Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx, Xx. Xxxxxx and Xxxx LLP 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Fax: +0 000 000 0000