WORKING Sample Clauses

WORKING. CONDITIONS 1900 LUNCH ROOM On a job site where four (4) or more Local Union Employees are employed and facilities are not pro- vided by others the Company shall provide a proper- ly heated and maintained shelter equipped with pa- per towels, non-toxic hypo-allergenic hand cleaner, lens cleaner, tables and benches and provision for the posting of Union literature for the Employees lunch room. The lunch room is not to be used for storage of materials. 1901 SANITARY PROVISIONS The Company in cooperation with the Local Union authorized Representative shall ensure that a clean illuminated toilet facility, heated when practicable, is provided on all jobs. When seven (7) or more Local Union Employees are employed on any project a clean illuminated portable chemical or chemical flush toilet facility, if available, shall be provided. 1902 DRINKING WATER The Employer shall be responsible for providing cool fresh drinking water on all jobs in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If potable drinking water is not readily accessi- ble at the jobsite, the Employer shall provide bottled drinking water.
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WORKING. I DO _X_ / DO NOT want help with decisions about working. Here is a list of people I want to help me: First and Last Name Relationship Home Address Email Phone Number Xxxx Xxxxx Dad 000 Xxxx Xx., Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 000-000-0000 Xxxx Xxxxx Mom 000 Xxxx Xx., Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 000-000-0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxx Theater Coach 000 Xxxxx Xx.,Richmond, VA 23234 000-000-0000 *To add a new row, place cursor in bottom right box and press Tab. These supporters can help me in these ways: Write Y for “yes” or N for “no” to say if your Supporters can or cannot help with each option. _N_ Help me choose if I want to work. All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me understand my work choices and apply for jobs. _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me understand how working will affect my benefits (Social Security, Medicaid, etc.). _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me understand the benefits I can have at work (vacation time, sick leave, time off, etc.). _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _N_ Help me request benefits at work (vacation time, sick leave, time off, etc.). All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _N_ Help me make decisions about transitional services (services as I transition out of high school). All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me explore and make decisions about internships, apprenticeships, and/or mentoring. All Supporters/ _X_ Only Supporters Listed Here: Xxxxxx Xxxxx _Y_ Help me make decisions about whether I need to take more classes or training to get a job I want, and help taking these classes. All Supporters/ _X_ Only Supporters Listed Here: Xxxxxx Xxxxx _Y_ Help me make decisions about supported employment or other supports and services I need in order to work. All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Attend meetings about my employment with my employment supporters, including Vocational Rehabilitation or other employment agencies. _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _N_ Help me with career preparation and placement. All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me request accommodations for my work. _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _Y_ Help me get to and from work every day. _X_ All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _N_ Help me talk to my employer. All Supporters/ Only Supporters Listed Here: _N_ Help me tell people what I want and what I don’t wa...
WORKING. N o Employer shall perform any of the operations of operating, trimming, cutting, pressing, finishing or tailoring. Agreement and the thereof shall not apply to a head cutter, namely, an who employed exclusively a over cutting operations and who does himself engage in or perform cutting trimming. APPRENTICESHIP consultation with the shall be entitled any or Industry that in disagreement the any feature of such scheme, the matter maybe referredby either party the Impartial Chairman. ENGAGED FACTORY NO Employee in in any or shop in the factory that an employee may work temporarily, either overtime or periods, in factory Employer, who has a Agreement with the International Garment Workers’ Union a thereof. OUTSIDE WORK Every garment this Clause defined as a garment in paragraph I E of Regulation of Revised Regulations of Ontario, made by the of Labour under the Industrial StandardsAct) with which an Employer shall be completely manufactured in the inside upon the o company with or be financially interested in dealing with disposing of any garment not so manufactured by the Employer’s inside factory as herein provided, whether as a manufacturer, jobber or otherwise, either directly or through in any other outside NO work shall be contracted out unless the inside shop is fully employed. If work has to be contracted out the Union will be notified in advance. Union a it has to the Impartial Chairman. has the authority to the percent of the value ofthework the Impartial Chairman in violation this these monies to be paid to the Retirement Fund Employer be jointly and responsible together with each contractor and subcontractor to whom each Employer shall send or furnish work falling under the jurisdiction Agreement, for the payment and for the Welfare ,and for due and proper compliance with conditions as set out in this Agreement. Employer deduct the source all due to such the contractor and subcontractor he with, and shall remit the same to Welfare first day of the NO WORK TO SHOP STRIKE IS PROGRESS No Employer shall directly or indirectly either give work to or purchase any garments or do or any work or for or supply merchandise (whether completed or partly completed) to any manufacturer or jobber against whom the Union is DIVISION OF WORK SENIORITY Seniority defined as the of an Employee's uninterrupted service with the company. less than working days, consideration will first be given to the principle of equal division of work in each department affected. Otherw...
WORKING. On leave with pay, including Union leave, except catastrophic leave; or
WORKING. 1. With the prior approval of his/her supervisor or SSA Director, a non- probationary bargaining unit employee may be permitted to work in locations outside the Board’s offices up to four (4) times per month. In order to work remotely, an employee is subject to the following criteria in order to ensure transparency, accountability, and quality customer service.
WORKING. Either working on the shift or will exceed the 16 hour threshold in a 24 hour period;
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WORKING. The University acknowledges a continuing responsibility to maintain a working environment in which the academic functions of Members are effectively carried out, and undertakes, therefore, to provide a level of facilities and support services consistent, with this responsibility.
WORKING. Drawings: The Landlord shall submit an outline plan of the Premises to the Tenant and the Tenant shall within sufficient time so as not to delay the commencement of the Term of the Lease, prepare and submit to the Landlord for approval one set of sepias and six complete sets of working drawings, CAD drawings and specifications for the Tenant's Improvements, as prepared by a qualified interior designer and engineer, both to be approved by the Landlord. The Tenant's submission shall include:
WORKING. The tenancy of an allotment is personal to the person named on the tenancy agreement The tenant may not assign, sublet or part with possession or control of all or part of their allotment The tenant may share cultivation by registering co-workers. Co-workers must sign an agreement, countersigned by the tenant and delivered to the contact address at the end of this document. RENT Rent is payable at the start of the allotment year, February 1st. The tenant must pay the invoiced rent within 1 calendar month of the due date. The rent runs from February 1st to January 31st . Tenants taking up an allotment within the rent year will normally be invoiced for the remainder of the year with a pro-rata amount. A tenant may relinquish their allotment at any time, or have their tenancy terminated through breech of the tenancy agreement at any time of the year, but no rebate will be paid. The tenant is responsible for the removal of any items or derelict structures from their plot before the end of their tenancy. Any items not removed will be disposed of by Farm on the Hill and any costs incurred charged to the out-going tenant. Rent may be increased at the start of any new allotment year but a minimum of three months notice will be given by letter, and displayed on signs and notice boards. Failure to give notice to any individual tenant will not invalidate the rent increase. Rent may be increased without three months notice but only after consultation with allotment holders and the subsequent agreement of at least two thirds of said allotment holders.
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