Authorized Representative definition

Authorized Representative means those persons shown on the list of officers provided by the Borrower pursuant to Section 7.2 hereof or on any update of any such list provided by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent, or any further or different officers of the Borrower so named by any Authorized Representative of the Borrower in a written notice to the Administrative Agent.

Examples of Authorized Representative in a sentence

  • Authorized Representative October 11, 2021Chubb Commercial Excess And Umbrella Insurance Endorsement Policy Period OCTOBER 1, 2021 To OCTOBER 1, 2023 Effective Date OCTOBER 1, 2021Policy Number 7994-39-32 Insured COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS PG, INC.

  • Send this Notification to the Tenderer's Authorized Representative named in the Tender Information Form on the format below.

  • Tenderer’s Authorized Representative Information Name: [insert Authorized Representative’s name] Address: [insert Authorized Representative’s Address]Telephone/Fax numbers: [insert Authorized Representative’s telephone/fax numbers]Email Address: [insert Authorized Representative’s email address]7.

  • Any decision, instruction or approval given by the Authorized Representative, in accordance with such delegation, shall have the same effect as though it had been given by the Principal.

  • In the event an application to NIFA results in an award, the Authorized Representative (AR) assures, through acceptance of the award that the institution will comply with the above requirements.

More Definitions of Authorized Representative

Authorized Representative means the Director and/or the designee authorized in writing to act on the Director’s behalf.
Authorized Representative means (i) in the case of any Credit Agreement Obligations or the Credit Agreement Secured Parties, the Administrative Agent, (ii) in the case of the Initial Additional First Lien Obligations or the Initial Additional First Lien Secured Parties, the Initial Additional Authorized Representative and (iii) in the case of any Series of Additional First Lien Obligations or Additional First Lien Secured Parties that become subject to this Agreement after the date hereof, the Authorized Representative named for such Series in the applicable Joinder Agreement.
Authorized Representative means any entity or individual designated by a state or local educational authority or an agency headed by an official listed in 34 C.F.R. 99.31(a)(3) to conductwith respect to federal- or state-supported education programs—any audit, evaluation, or any compliance or enforcement activity in connection with federal legal requirements that relate to these programs.
Authorized Representative means any representative appointed, from time to time, by the Purchaser and the Bidder/ Contractor in proper manner.
Authorized Representative of the Guarantor or any other Person means the person or persons authorized to act on behalf of such entity by its chief executive officer, president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer or any vice president or its Board of Directors or any other governing body of such entity.
Authorized Representative means the person responsible for the overall operation of a facility or an operational unit (i.e., part of a facility), e.g., the plant manager, superintendent or person of equivalent responsibility.
Authorized Representative means any Person who is authorized by a Participant to represent the Participant in SEF matters pursuant to Rule 307.