Projects Sample Clauses

Projects. The Parties have identified, for each Objective, Projects that the Government will implement, or cause to be implemented, using MCC Funding. Each Project is described in the Schedules to this Program Annex. The Schedules to this Program Annex identify the activities that will be undertaken in furtherance of each Project (each, a “Project Activity”) as well as the various activities within a Project Activity. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Compact, the Parties may agree to amend, terminate or suspend these Projects or create a new project by written agreement signed by the Principal Representative of each Party without amending this Compact; provided, however, any such amendment of a Project or creation of a new project (i) is consistent with the Objectives; (ii) does not cause the amount of MCC Funding to exceed the aggregate amount specified in Section 2.1(a) of this Compact; (iii) does not cause the Government’s responsibilities or contribution of resources to be less than specified in Section 2.2 of this Compact or elsewhere in this Compact; and (iv) does not extend the Compact Term. The activities of the Program generally will be undertaken in León-Chinandega.
Projects. There shall be a thirty kilometre (30 km) free zone around any project not located within the free zone or the travel zone. For Local Residents, mileage shall be paid at fifty-eight cents ($0.58) per kilometre (adjusted annually to the maximum tax-free amount allowable under CRA guidelines) to an employee who uses their personal vehicle from the boundary of the free zone around the project. An employee who is a passenger in a personal vehicle will be paid one-half (½) of the amount payable to the driver in the same vehicle. The project must be within the one hundred and twenty (120) kilometres zone as outlined in the definition of a Local Resident.
Projects. There shall be a thirty (30) km free zone around the projects excluding the Metro Vancouver Area. For local residents, kilometers shall be paid from the boundary of the free zone around the project. Workers employed by any contractor within an identified free zone who resides outside of that same free zone will be paid according to the Kilometer Chart from the project to their residence less thirty
Projects. The Seller acknowledges that the Projects identified by the Buyer in Attachment 1 hereto are the Buyer’s good faith prediction of projects that the Buyer believes will be developed during the term of this Contract and the Buyer makes no guarantee that any particular Project will be successfully developed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Buyer shall purchase a minimum aggregate of *** Units from the Seller.
Projects. The terms of this agreement apply to each “Project” that Company and Developer write up and cosign in a “Project Summary”. Each Project Summary must refer to this agreement, say that it’s a Project Summary, and set out what Developer agrees to do for Company and what Company agrees to pay Developer for the work.
Projects. 21.1 The Company may grant special bids and/or, special prices and/or special conditions for the execution of Projects subject to the permission of the respective manufacturer and the delivery to the qualifying End User named in the offer.