Night Sample Clauses

Night. The word ‘‘night’’ means the time from five o’clock postmeridian to eight o’clock ante- meridian.
Night. Employees whose work week schedules consist of a daily tour having fifty percent (50%) or more time that falls between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. will be paid a night differential of ten percent (10%) of the employee’s applicable hourly rate for all hours worked on such tours.
Night. All hours worked between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, if the shift includes at least three hours between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am or the entire shift is within the designated period. • Hospital & PMG $4.00 per hour • Helen Porter $4.00 per hour
Night. The hours between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight or such other period between sunset and sunrise, as may be prescribed by the DGCA. Note — Civil twilight ends in the evening when the center of the sun’s disc is 6 degrees below the horizon and begins in the morning when the center of the sun’s disc is 6 degrees below the horizon.
Night the hours from 3:00 P.M. through 7:00 A.M., Sunday through Saturday.
Night hours ending 23 - 08 PPT for all days in the applicable Monthly Period. *** End of Appendix C *** APPENDIX DFORECASTING AND OUTAGE NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS The Parties shall abide by the forecasting and outage requirements and procedures described below and shall agree upon reasonable changes to these requirements and procedures from time-to-time as necessary to (i) comply with Buyer’s instructions or the CAISO Tariff, as applicable; (ii) accommodate changes to their respective generation technology and organizational structure; and (iii) address changes in the operating and Scheduling procedures of both Buyer.
Night. The above provisions for work on Monday through Friday do not apply to employees who are assigned to a night shift. Employees working on a night shift shall be paid time and one-half the basic rate after eight (8) hours actually worked on any with one (1) hour off for lunch without pay at a time suitable to each project. Employees on a night shift shall be paid double the basic rate for work beyond a.m., such hours not to be included in the computation of the eight (8) hour period referred to Article A night shift on a Friday may continue up to a.m. on Saturday at straight time. Employees night shift shall be paid double the basic rate for any hours worked Saturday and on Sunday. An employee who reports for work on Saturday and Sunday and is not provided with at least four (4) hours work shall be paid double the basic rate for each hour worked and the employee's basic rate for any remaining hours short of a total of four (4). Overtime shall be equitably distributed among the employees who regularly perform such duties. Saturday and Sunday work shall be equitably distributed among the employees whose names appear on the seniority list and who regularly perform the duties involved. An employee who has worked a night shift shall not be required to perform any work on the following day before unless paid at overtime rates. The night shift premium of cents ($0.35) shall be added to the payment of hours worked by an employee while assigned to the night whether such hours are straight time hours or overtime hours. It shall not however be used in computing the overtime or paid holiday rates. ARTICLE DAILY CALL Employees shall be called the order of their seniority within their classification. However, where an Employer has more than one yard, although the employees shall be called in order of their seniority, the Union agrees than an employee with less seniority who has been called may commence work in one yard prior to a senior employee work in another of the yard, but a junior employee shall not work prior to a senior employee in the same yard.
Night and night-time and the hours of night shall be defined as the hours between 9:01p.m. and 6:59 a.m. local time.
Night. Cassius, Sr. leaves the room. INT. HOLIDAY INN, ALI'S MOTEL ROOM - HIGH ANGLE: ALI - enters. Stands at the dresser. Only his suitcase is there. She left her chartreuse blouse. He takes it and smells the scent of her cologne. He is torn with grief at the loss of her, curling into a ball on the bed, alone in the room. INT. GREEN ROOM - ALI - DAY getting made up by a good-looking ASIAN COSMETOLOGIST. An ASSISTANT DIRECTOR lounges against the wall with headset,reading the newspaper... COSMETOLOGISTYou got the prettiest eyes... ALIYeah? BUNDINIHe so pretty, when you look up "pretty" in the dictionary, he too pretty to be there. She laughs and whispers something in Ali's ear, holding his hand where the others can't see it and slips her phone number to him. Meanwhile...a phone rings. Bundini answers while... A.D.(re: newspaper, to Ali) gonna try for Germany? ALIHuh? A.D.You gonna try to get stationed in Germany? ALIWhat you talking about? BUNDINIChamp. It's Eskridge...
Night. Pyrotechnics (Pen Flares, Star Clusters) -Lights (Flashlight, Strobe, Chemlight) -Whistle