For the purpose Sample Clauses

For the purpose. The Borrower authorises and directs BMW to pay the Loan Amount to the vendor of the Vehicle, any person who has previously financed the Vehicle and to any vendor/broker in relation to options and accessories.
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For the purpose. SWE agrees not to use the Confidential Information of Participant for any purpose except to evaluate and engage in discussions concerning the Purpose, which includes assessing Participant’s performance relative to other Program participants. SWE is permitted to make copies of the Confidential Information as reasonably necessary for the Purpose. SWE agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information to third parties, except to third parties who are required to have the information in order for SWE or agents acting on its behalf to evaluate or engage in discussions concerning the Purpose and who are bound by non-use and non-disclosure obligations consistent with this Agreement.
For the purpose of applying Clause 6.1, deductions from pay shall commence, as of the date of employment in the bargaining unit.
For the purpose of this agreement, a full-time teacher shall be deemed to have taught pupils upon all days authorized in Section 205(1) of the current Education Act. A regular part-time teacher, whose assignment is zero point four (0.4) FTE or greater, shall have the same entitlements as full-time teachers, subject to the conditions set out in clause 6.2.
For the purpose of this clause child means a child of the Employee under school age except for adoption of a child where ‘child’ means a person under school age who is placed with the Employee for the purposes of adoption, other than a child or step-child of the Employee or of the spouse of the Employee or a child who has previously lived continuously with the Employee for a period of six months or more.
For the purpose. 2.5 The Recipient acknowledges that at the Effective Date it is familiar with the purpose, scope and operation of the Authority's checkpoint assurance process and associated requirements for the LFFN Programme as applicable to this Agreement and the Project and agrees that the Recipient shall comply with that process and associated requirements. The Recipient shall upon reasonable notice comply with all reasonable updates to such process and associated requirements as may be notified by the Authority from time to time during the Term.
For the purpose. OF SECURING the payment of the maximum principal indebtedness of all principal, together with all accrued and unpaid interest and the payment and performance of all other Obligations, including any protective advances made by Beneficiary under the Loan Documents, and all modifications, amendments, additions and extensions thereof. THIS DEED OF TRUST shall also constitute a security agreement with respect to, and Grantor hereby grants to Beneficiary, as secured party, a security interest in, all of those portions of the Mortgaged Property which are or may be subject to the provisions of the applicable Uniform Commercial Code. Portions of the Mortgaged Property are or may become fixtures or real property. This Deed of Trust also constitutes a financing statement for purposes of the applicable Uniform Commercial Code filed as a fixture filing in the land records of Los Angeles County, California, with respect to any and all fixtures comprising the Mortgaged Property. The “debtor” is CHH Xxxxxx Xxxxx Hotel Partners, LP and the “secured party” is Aareal Capital Corporation, as Agent. The collateral is as described in the granting clause of this Deed of Trust, and the addresses of the debtor and secured party are the addresses stated in Section 5.11 of this Deed of Trust for notices to such parties. The organization identification number of the debtor is 3734144 and the lessee of record of the Land is CHH Xxxxxx Xxxxx Hotel Partners, LP. TO THE EXTENT that any of the Mortgaged Property is not subject to the Uniform Commercial Code and is not real property pursuant to applicable Legal Requirements, Grantor hereby assigns to Beneficiary all of Grantor’s right, title and interest in and to the Mortgaged Property to secure the Obligations, together with the right of set-off with regard to such Mortgaged Property or any part thereof.
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For the purpose of these provisions as expressed in this Article, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not to be construed as "working days".
For the purpose of the consultation the Employer shall, as soon as practicable, provide in writing to the Employees concerned and, where relevant, their representative, all relevant information about the proposed terminations including the reasons for the proposed terminations, the number and categories of Employees likely to be affected, the number of workers normally employed and the period over which the terminations are likely to be carried out. The Employer shall not be required to disclose confidential information, the disclosure of which would be adverse to the Employer's interests.
For the purpose of paragraph 2, a functional machine-readable zone (MRZ) shall mean:
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