Work Schedule definition

Work Schedule means the roster of work hours and days to meet the annual hours of work.
Work Schedule means the approved timeline for how the requirements of this contract will be fulfilled by Contractor. The Work Schedule is agreed upon during the Pre-Work Conference by both DNR and Contractor.

Examples of Work Schedule in a sentence

  • Solicitation to Offer and Contract Award DEFINITIONS‘Compliance Forester’ means DNR staff that performs the compliance inspections, approves Work, recommends payment to the Contract Manager, and manages the Work Schedule.

  • Payment ScheduleThe DNR shall make payments, in such amounts as DNR determines are properly due in accordance with the Work Schedule.

  • All offices of the City, except those for which special regulations are required, shall be kept open for business on all days of the year except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays continuously on week days in accordance with the Alternative Work Schedule.

  • Details of payment schedule will be determined in the Pre-Work Conference (Clause A-19) and will be set forth in the Work Schedule which shall become a part of this Contract once approved by DNR.

  • The Work Schedule is agreed upon during the Pre-Work Conference by both DNR and Contractor.SECTION I-A: GENERAL PROVISIONS A-01 Contractor’s WarrantyContractor warrants that it has had an opportunity to fully inspect the contract area and enters this contract based upon its own judgment of the costs of performing the Work, formed after its own examination and inspection.

More Definitions of Work Schedule

Work Schedule means those Requirements which relate to the dates and times by which the Contractor is required to deliver the Product and Work;
Work Schedule means a projection of all scheduled shifts at a location with regard to scheduled days on and days off, including shift starting and terminating times.
Work Schedule means the schedule determining the hours and days on which performance of work starts and ends;
Work Schedule means all of an employee’s shifts, including specific start and end times for each shift, during a calendar week.
Work Schedule means a description of the project as described in Appendix I.