Customer Service Sample Clauses

Customer Service. A. PRIMARY ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE. Supplier will assign an Account Representative to Sourcewell for this Contract and must provide prompt notice to Sourcewell if that person is changed. The Account Representative will be responsible for: • Maintenance and management of this Contract; • Timely response to all Sourcewell and Participating Entity inquiries; and • Business reviews to Sourcewell and Participating Entities, if applicable.
Customer Service. Should You have any questions concerning this License Agreement, or if You desire to contact Symantec for any reason, please write to: (i) Symantec Enterprise Customer Care, 000 Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx 00000, U.S.A., (ii) Symantec Enterprise Customer Care Center, XX XXX 0000, Xxxxxx 00, Xxxxxxx, or (iii) Symantec Enterprise Customer Care, 0 Xxxxxx Xxx, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia.
Customer Service. It is the sole responsibility of MP to provide customer service to persons or entities purchasing Services through the ICQ Network ("Customers"). MP will bear full responsibility for all customer service, including without limitation, order processing, billing, fulfillment, shipment, collection and other customer service associated with any Services offered, sold or licensed through the MP Areas, and ICQ will have no obligations whatsoever with respect thereto. MP will receive all emails from Customers via a computer available to MP's customer service staff and generally respond to such emails within three (3) days from receipt. MP will receive all orders electronically and generally process all orders within three (3) days from receipt, provided Services ordered are not advance order items. MP will use commercially reasonable efforts to receive, process, fulfill and deliver all orders of Services on a timely and professional basis. MP will offer ICQ Users who purchase Services through such MP Areas a money back satisfaction guarantee, to the same extent offered by MP generally MP will bear all responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local laws in the event that Services are out of stock or are no longer available at the time an order is received. MP will also comply with the requirements of any federal, state or local consumer protection or disclosure law. Payment for Services will be collected by MP directly from customers.
Customer Service. If at any time You require any clarification or assistance, You may contact Our offices at the address specified in the Policy Schedule/ Certificate of Insurance, during normal business hours or contact Our call centre.
Customer Service. A Subscriber who has a question about Services, providers, benefits, how to use this plan, or con- cerns regarding the quality of care or access to care that he has experienced, may call Blue Shield’s Customer Service Department at the tel- ephone number indicated on your Identification Card. The hearing impaired may contact Blue Shield’s Customer Service Department through Blue Shield’s toll-free TTY number, 711. Customer Service can answer many questions over the telephone. Note: Blue Shield has established a procedure for our Subscribers to request an expedited decision. The Subscriber, physician, or representative of the Subscriber may request an expedited decision when the routine decision making process might seriously jeopardize the life or health of a Sub- xxxxxxx, or when the Subscriber is experiencing severe pain. Blue Shield shall make a decision and notify the Subscriber and physician within 72 hours following the receipt of the request. An ex- pedited decision may involve admissions, contin- ued stay or other healthcare Services. If you would like additional information regarding the expedited decision process, or if you believe your particular situation qualifies for an expedited de- cision, please contact our Customer Service De- partment. Blue Shield may refer inquiries or grievances to a local medical society, hospital utilization review committee, peer review committee of the Califor- nia Medical Association or a medical specialty society, or other appropriate peer review commit- tee for an opinion to assist in the resolution of these matters. The Subscriber, a designated representative, or a provider on behalf of the Subscriber, may contact the Customer Service Department by telephone, letter, or online to request a review of an initial determination concerning a claim or Service. Sub- scribers may contact Blue Shield at the telephone number noted in this Agreement. If the telephone inquiry to Customer Service does not resolve the question or issue to the Subscriber's satisfaction, the Subscriber may request a grievance at that time, which the Customer Service Representative will initiate on the Subscriber's behalf. The Subscriber, a designated representative, or a provider on behalf of the Subscriber, may also ini- tiate a grievance by submitting a letter or a com- pleted "Grievance Form". The Subscriber may request this Form from Customer Service. The completed form should be submitted to Customer Service Appeals and Grievance, P. O. X...
Customer Service. 11.1 The T&D, and not the Provider, shall be responsible for all aspects of customer service related to Standard Offer Service; provided, however, that Provider shall be responsible for customer inquiries related to information disclosure labels related to Provider’s Share of Standard Offer Service.
Customer Service. For customer service or additional information regarding the Gift Card, please contact us at: Vanilla Visa Gift Card Customer Service P.O. Box 826 Xxxxxxx, Georgia 31808 0-000-000-0000 Customer Service agents are available to answer your calls twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, including holidays.
Customer Service. (a) The Licensee shall provide and maintain a toll-free 24-hour answering line which Subscribers may call without incurring added message units or toll charges so that prompt maintenance and service is available. At the time of initial subscription the Licensee shall give each new subscribing household a notice of billing practices and dispute procedures, which notice shall include the Licensee's telephone number.
Customer Service a. In the event of a dispute or disagreement involving Xxxxxxx’s services, you and Xxxxxxx agree to use our best efforts to resolve the dispute. Most concerns can be resolved by calling our Customer Service Department at 1-800-600- 3040. You may also email or write to Starion Energy, PO Box 845, Middlebury, CT 06762. Starion’s Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Starion will report the results of its investigation of your inquiry and provide a written report upon request.
Customer Service. 30.1 The LICENSEE shall register demand/request for telephone connection without any discrimination from any applicant, at any place in the licensed service area and provide the SERVICE, unless otherwise directed by the LICENSOR. The LICENSEE shall not in any manner discriminate between subscribers and provide service on the same commercial principle and shall be required to maintain a transparent, open to inspection, waiting list. The LICENSEE shall clearly define the scope of Service to the Subscriber(s) at the time of entering into contract with such Subscriber(s). LICENSOR shall have right to impose suitable penalty, not limited to a financial penalty, apart from any other actions for breach of this condition. The LICENSEE shall launch the SERVICE on commercial basis only after commencement of registration in the manner prescribed. Before commencement of SERVICE in an area, the LICENSEE shall notify and publicize the address where any subscriber can register demand /request for telephone connection. Any change of this address shall be duly notified by the LICENSEE. Provided that nothing contained herein will affect or prejudice the rights of the LICENSEE to carry out check on credit worthiness of its prospective subscribers.