The Tenant shall Sample Clauses

The Tenant shall. 9.1.1 insure the Premises, pay the Insurance Premiums and maintain the following insurance against:
The Tenant shall. (a) Use the Property in a tenant-like manner and shall not cause any deterioration to the Property or the contents through his own neglect or default or that of any other person
The Tenant shall. (a) comply promptly with the requirements of every applicable statute, law and ordinance, and with every applicable lawful regulation and order with respect to the condition, equipment, maintenance, use or occupation of the Demised Premises and to comply with the applicable regulation or order of the Insurers Advisory Organization of Canada or of any body having similar functions or of any liability or fire insurance company by which the Tenant and/or the Landlord may be insured, and except as herein provided, to assume the sole responsibility for the condition, operation, maintenance and management of the Leased Premises. If the Landlord is required to pay or expend any monies as a result of a failure by the Tenant to comply with the terms of this paragraph, the Landlord may add the amount paid to the rent due for the next ensuing month.
The Tenant shall. (a) take good care of the Premises, keep clean the portions of the Premises which the Landlord is not required by this Lease to clean, and pay the cost of making good any injury, damage or breakage (including, without limitation, the cost of removing stains from floors and walls) done by the Tenant, any other occupant of the Premises (other than the Landlord), any affiliate thereof, or any of their respective employees, officers, directors, partners, contractors, agents, licensees or invitees (each, a "Tenant Party"), other than any damage with respect to which the Tenant is released from liability pursuant to Section 9.3;
The Tenant shall a) be responsible for keeping the interior of the garage clean and in good tenantable condition and shall leave it in such condition at the termination of the tenancy.
The Tenant shall. 1 . Keep the interioro the p rop erty during the term in as goodandclean state o rep air condition anddecoration as the p remisesare atthe commencemento the Term andmake goodalldamage andbreakage'sto the Premisesw hich may occur during the Term (air w ear and tear damage by accidental ire and insured loss excep ted). The Tenantshallno redecorate the p rop erty w ithoutthe w ritten consento the Landlord.
The Tenant shall. (a) only use the Property as a private dwelling house for the use of the Lawful Occupiers;
The Tenant shall. (a) clean and keep in a tidy condition the Room and the Flat Common Parts (as applicable) and to pay on demand any additional cost of cleaning or clearing these areas arising from breach of this obligation by the Tenant or the Tenant’s visitors or to pay a proportionate share as determined by the Landlord;
The Tenant shall. 4.1. pay rent in advance, on or before 29th September each year, the amount being as decided by the Charity.
The Tenant shall. (a) keep any outside parts of the Premises clean and tidy, and any landscaped areas properly weeded;