Support Services definition

Support Services means support in relation to the use of, and the identification and resolution of errors in, the Hosted Services, but shall not include the provision of training services;

Examples of Support Services in a sentence

Each applicable order for perpetual Product licenses will state the price of standard Technical Support Services for a period of one year commencing on the date of delivery of those Products.

All items delivered during the life of the contract shall be of the same type and manufacture as specified unless specific approval is given by Government Support Services to do otherwise.

We will provide you the level of Technical Support Services specified on an order.

Every state department and agency within the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch of the state government shall procure all material, equipment and nonprofessional services through the statewide contracts administered by Government Support Services, Office of Management and Budget.

Each contract may be renewed for three (3) one (1) year periods through negotiation between the Vendor and Office of Management and Budget, Government Support Services.

More Definitions of Support Services

Support Services or “IFS Support Services” means the support and maintenance provided or made available by IFS and purchased by Customer for particular Application Software, which includes different support options, as specified on the Notification Form. Support Services may be limited to certain software installation(s), instance(s), environment(s), language version(s), and country(ies) /site(s) as specified in the applicable Notification Form.
Support Services means the technical support services offered by VMware for the Software pursuant to its then- current support policies.License NotesYou may use the Software for up to the number of Named Users for which You have paid the applicable license fees.For Subscription Software, You may use the Software solely during the Subscription Term. Upon expiration or termination of Your licenses to the Subscription Software, You shall promptly cease use of the Software and Documentation and destroy (and certify to VMware in writing the fact of such destruction) or return to VMware all copies of the Software and Documentation then in Your possession or under Your control.VMware shall not have any obligation to provide Support Services unless You have installed, and at the time You request Support Services are running, VMware’s then current release of the Software and have downloaded and installed all available updates to the Software within the last 60 days. You shall purchase the same level of Support Services for all Named Users.EVALUATION LICENSE PERIOD. Notwithstanding the period identified in the License Agreement, if You are licensing the Software for evaluation purposes, Your use of the Software is only permitted for the evaluation period designated by VMware.
Support Services means the technical support services offered by VMware for the Software pursuant to its then-current support policies.
Support Services means the provision of support and maintenance services for SAP Business One Cloud by SAP and Partner as defined in Article 11 below.
Support Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.13.