Targets Sample Clauses

Targets. An aggregate of [**] Gene Targets (the “[**] Maximum Number”) may be the subject of the [**] Engineered T-Cell Research during the Research Program Term (the “[**] Engineered T-Cell Targets”). A [**] Engineered T-Cell Target is a Gene Target [**]. As of the Effective Date, the Parties have agreed on an initial, partial list of the [**] Engineered T-Cell Targets, which is attached hereto as Schedule 2.7(b). During the Gene Selection Period, Juno shall have the right to include as [**] Engineered T-Cell Targets up to that number of additional Gene Targets as equals the [**] Maximum Number minus the number of Gene Targets set forth on Schedule 2.7(b) as of the Effective Date. During the Gene Selection Period, Juno shall notify Editas if it wishes to include additional Gene Targets as [**] Engineered T-Cell Targets. Such notice shall identify with specificity the Gene Target(s) that Juno wishes to add, so that Editas may distinguish it(them) from other Gene Targets. Juno shall only designate additional Gene Targets under this Section 2.7(b) that Juno [**]. Any Gene Target that Juno designates during the Gene Selection Period that meets the foregoing criteria shall be a [**] Engineered T-Cell Target under this Agreement upon Juno providing such notice (subject to the (the [**] Maximum Number of Gene Targets limit set forth herein), and Schedule 2.7(b) shall be updated to reflect such additional Gene Targets. Commencing on the date that is [**] years after the commencement of the Research Program Term, if within [**] days after receipt of such a notice from Juno, Editas notifies Juno that any Gene Target that Juno has designated under this Section 2.7(b) is the subject of a Non-Exclusive Field Deal in existence as of the date of notice from Juno, then Editas shall not be granting to Juno under Section 4.2(c) the non-exclusive license in the Non-Exclusive Field with respect to [**] Engineered T-Cell Products that utilize [**] Reagents for such Gene Target. Once an aggregate of the [**] Maximum Number Gene Targets have been designated [**] Engineered T-Cell Targets at any point during the Research Program Term, Juno may not designate additional Gene Targets under this Section 2.7(b) unless it first removes a [**] Engineered T-Cell Target from Schedule 2.7(b) by providing written notice to Editas. If by the end of the Research Program Term Juno has not elected to develop any [**] Reagents under the Research Program with respect to a [**] Engineered T-Cell Target, t...
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Targets. Prior to the end of each calendar year, the Board's Compensation Committee shall approve the performance targets (the "Targets") upon which the Employee's Incentive Bonus for the following year will be based with respect to each of the criteria described in the Bonus Structure, except that the Targets for 1998 have been approved by the Board's Compensation Committee as of the date hereof. The Targets for 1998 are as described in Exhibit B, which is hereby incorporated as part of this Agreement. The Targets for each of such criteria in each subsequent calendar year shall, after approval by the Board's Compensation Committee, be attached hereto as Exhibit B as a substitute for the previous years' Targets, and shall become a part of this Agreement for such calendar year.
Targets. For each [***] Target, within [***] of such [***] Target for designation as a Program Target, KHK shall pay to DICERNA a non-refundable, non-creditable [***] payment in the amount of $[***] USD ([***] dollars) per [***] Target (the “[***]”). ***Text Omitted and Filed Separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential Treatment Requested Under 17 C.F.R. Sections 200.80(b)(4) and 240.24b-2
Targets. Executive and CDR jointly have devised a business plan (the "Business Plan") with respect to CDR's fiscal years ended October 31, 1997 through 2000. The Business Plan requires CDR: (i) to be cash flow positive each year of the Business Plan; (ii) to attain annual targets for CDR revenues; and (iii) to attain annual targets for CDR earnings before taxes (i.e., operating margin). Each of the requirements of Sections 5(a)(i), 5(a)(ii) and 5(a)(iii) is considered a "Factor". The annual requirements of Sections 5(a)(ii) and 5(a)(iii) (subject to adjustment as provided in Section 5(b) below) shall be as follows for CDR's fiscal years ending October 31: Fiscal Year Revenues Operating Margin ----------- -------- ---------------- 1997 $ 6,264,000 $ 4,007,000 1998 8,166,000 4,982,000 1999 10,129,000 6,340,000 2000 11,579,000 7,070,000
Targets. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Parties agree that, at such point as a Target is removed from the Target List (whether removed by Mutual Consent of the JRC, upon expiration of the Option Term (or, if applicable, with respect to any Extended Program, following any Post-Option Extension), or otherwise), both Parties shall be entitled to use such Target for any purpose, subject to Section 8.8. On a Target-by-Target basis, Agios hereby grants to Celgene a non-exclusive, non-transferable (except as set forth in Section 15.4), worldwide right and license, with the right to grant sublicenses, under the Agios Intellectual Property and Agios Collaboration Intellectual Property to the extent (a) directed to a Target per se and (b) in existence, or developed or generated, during the Option Term, with respect to each Target that was on but is removed from the Target List (whether removed by Mutual Consent of the JRC, upon expiration of the Option Term (or, if applicable, with respect to any Extended Program, following any Post-Option Extension), or otherwise), subject to Section 8.8. Such license shall be perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid-up, and non-royalty-bearing, but Celgene shall be solely responsible for any payments owed by Agios to any Third Party licensors of Agios Intellectual Property or Agios Collaboration Intellectual Property and shall be responsible for complying with the terms of any license agreements with such Third Party licensors, in either case, directly resulting from Celgene’s exercise of the foregoing license.
Targets. The Company will complete the Project, including making a Capital Investment of at least $ , and creating and Maintaining at least New Jobs at the Facility, all as of the Performance Date. [(b)] [Other Performance Criteria: IF THE GRANT IS ALSO PREDICATED ON OTHER FACTORS, SUCH AS ESTABLISHING AND MAINTAINING THE COMPANY’S CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IN THE LOCALITY, ADD HERE LANGUAGE REQUIRING THE COMPANY TO DO THOSE OTHER THINGS.]
Targets. The Targets [***] and/or MAGE-A4 shall cease to be considered eligible Targets under the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, as of the Amendment Effective Date:
Targets. The VAR shall achieve the sales targets, if any, set out in the VAR Schedule.
Targets. The overall measurement of customer loyalty used by the NDS is called the "Secure Customer Index" or "SCI." SCI is a combination of three factors: overall customer satisfaction, a customer's willingness to recommend the service to others, and likelihood of a customer to continue using the service, and will be more fully defined by agreement of the parties in accordance with the NDS approach and methodology being employed at the relevant time. The Company will be required to maintain an SCI equal to or better than the lesser of the then current NDS SCI goal or the average actual SCI for the NDS for the comparable period. Survey results during the first six months following launch in any service area will not be included in the measurement for either party.