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Other Factors. The Employer may provide for additional formal and informal evaluations as it shall determine to be necessary for the proper conduct of the educational program and the utilization of its employees. The evaluation opinions of the Employer shall not be subject to the Grievance Procedure if the procedures herein set forth have been followed.
Other Factors. The residence building houses one retail operation, a restaurant located on the north east side of the building, with patio seating on the east side, used inclement weather. There will be noise and/or possibly smoke emanating from this area. There is also noise generated by garbage and maintenance truck pick-ups. There will be no compensation or reduction in residence fees for the rooms affected. There may be ongoing construction of a large new building, adjacent to the residence. As a result, there will be noise, dirt, lack of privacy and other construction related effects on residents, in particular to those residents facing the new building. All rooms will be affected due to close proximity. There will be no compensation or reduction in residence fees for the rooms affected. From time to time, the Woodsworth College Xxxx of Students (the “Xxxx”) may release limited resident information under controlled circumstances to approved third parties, for the specific purpose of facilitating resident voting in federal, provincial, municipal or student society elections.
Other Factors. The combined employee and District HSA contributions shall not exceed the annual calendar year limits established by the IRS for such contributions. See IRS Publication 969 for eligibility. Employees who have mid-plan year life status changes will have their HSA employer paid contribution prorated by 12 months, provided they are eligible to participate in the HSA plan. Those employees who are not eligible to participate in an HSA due to IRS established age restrictions, currently age 65 and over, or employees who do not elect to participate in a HSA, will receive the employer contribution into a Flexible Spending Account.
Other Factors. Other factors may affect the actual step number at which a teacher is placed. These include, but are not limited to: • Incoming step credit for prior experience. • Non-compensatory leave period(s) (such leave is not counted as time worked). • Prior rules governing movement from part-time to full-time contracted service. People who have previously moved from part-time to full-time status will not have their step placement recalculated based on new rules. • A teacher whose step increase was withheld due to overall performance rating of Below Standards on year-end Improvement Plan Form. The teacher shall receive the step retroactively to the beginning of the school year provided that the elements of the improvement plan have been fulfilled.
Other Factors. This formal evaluation shall not be deemed to be the only method of determining the effectiveness of employees. The Employer may provide for such additional formal and informal evaluations as it shall determine to be necessary for the proper conduct of the educational program. All formal written evaluations which have been made in accordance with the procedures herein set forth shall be placed in the employeespersonnel files. An evaluation shall not be subject to the grievance procedure, except to the extent that the Employer has failed to comply with the procedures herein established. If an employee wishes, they may include a rebuttal statement regarding any written evaluation placed in their personnel file. This statement may include the employee’s perspective or disagreement with the written evaluation.
Other Factors. We may also receive commission or another form of benefit from working with the issuer of a security, a product provider or from another intermediary. We will inform you before the transaction if we are likely to receive such commission or form of benefit from recommending any product to you. In respect of any regular premium policy which we may recommend, should you subsequently cease to pay premiums on the policy and as a result of your cancellation we are obliged to refund product charges or other commission that has been paid to us we reserve the right to charge you a fee representing the amount we have to repay, for a period of up to four years after commencement of the policy. We will not charge such fee if you exercise your right to cancel in accordance with the cancellation notice sent to you by the product provider.
Other Factors. 43North does not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, military status or marital status. 43North reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion. In the event of a modification, all applicants will be notified.
Other Factors. Please present any other information about your position which would be useful in your reclassification/realignment request (additional sheets may be attached if needed): Supervisor Input: Agree Disagree (See Attached □) Comments: I have completed this form and to the best of my knowledge, I believe the information represented here is accurate and complete Date Signature of Employee SUPERVISOR RECOMMENDATION Reclassification: Recommended Not Recommended Date Signature of Supervisor District Office Use ONLY: SUPERINTENDENT/DESIGNEE ASSESSMENT SUMMARY
Other Factors. In the event other factors are accorded precedence over seniority in connection with reduction- in-force, management will, upon request, state its reason(s) in writing.
Other Factors. The Board of Directors of Thermo Electron did not consider the net book value of the Company as a relevant factor in assessing the Company's value and, accordingly, did not evaluate the fairness of the Offer Price in relation to the Company's net book value. The Company's net book value at September 30, 2001 was approximately $115 million, which would have yielded a per Share valuation for the Company of $6.79. The Board of Directors relied in part upon valuation methodologies performed by JPMorgan for the purpose of its financial analysis, and JPMorgan did not employ net book value in its financial analysis. Moreover, Thermo Electron does not believe that an analysis based upon net book value was appropriate for an instruments business. Thermo Electron believes that net book value is a valuation methodology more typically used in the banking, utilities, real estate and financial services industries. In connection with the Offer, the Board of Directors of Thermo Electron also did not consider "shopping" the Company to prospective purchasers. Shopping the Company would not only entail substantial time delays and allocation of management's time and energy, but would also disrupt and discourage the Company's employees and create uncertainty among the Company's customers and suppliers. Furthermore, Thermo Electron does not intend to sell the Company, but rather intends to continue to operate the Company as part of its core Optical Technologies business. See "--Conduct Of Thermo Electron After The Offer And The Merger." In connection with the Offer, the Board of Directors of Thermo Electron did not consider the Offer Price as compared to any implied liquidation value because it was not contemplated that the Company be liquidated, whether or not the Offer and the Merger were completed. Thermo Electron also believed that the piecemeal sale of the Company's assets suggested by a liquidation analysis of the Company would not yield a higher price per Share because a liquidation would result in greater tax liability and more expenses for the fees of legal and financial advisors. RECENT PURCHASES OF SHARES BY THERMO ELECTRON. See Schedule II to this Offer to Purchase for information on purchases of Shares by Thermo Electron (as well as by the Company) during the past two years. Thermo Electron believed that its purchases of Shares during the past two years, at a purchase price of $17.67 per Share, weighed in favor of the fairness of the Offer and the Merger in that th...