After receipt of Sample Clauses

After receipt of a Notice of Termination and except as otherwise directed by Owner in the Notice of Termination or otherwise, Development Manager shall:
After receipt of a Notice of Termination and except as otherwise directed by Buyer, Seller shall promptly do all of the following:
After receipt of a Notice of Termination, and except as directed by Buyer, Seller shall immediately, as to the terminated portion of this Agreement, proceed with all actions necessary to effect the elimination of the terminated Services by the effective date of the termination and protect property in Seller’s possession in which Buyer has or may acquire an interest.
After receipt of a Notice of Termination, or sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the Agreement should either party elect not to renew the Agreement, and except as otherwise mutually agreed by Agent and the Association, Agent shall:

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General Considerations Whenever successive adjustments to the Conversion Rate are called for pursuant to this Article IX, such adjustments shall be made to the Current Market Price as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the intent of this Article IX and to avoid unjust or inequitable results as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors of the Company.
Ownership Structure As of the Agreement Date, Part I of Schedule 7.1.(b) is a complete and correct list of all Subsidiaries of the Parent setting forth for each such Subsidiary, (i) the jurisdiction of organization of such Subsidiary, (ii) each Person holding any Equity Interests in such Subsidiary, (iii) the nature of the Equity Interests held by each such Person, and (iv) the percentage of ownership of such Subsidiary represented by such Equity Interests. Except as disclosed in such Schedule, as of the Agreement Date (i) each of the Parent and its Subsidiaries owns, free and clear of all Liens (other than Permitted Liens), and has the unencumbered right to vote, all outstanding Equity Interests in each Person shown to be held by it on such Schedule, (ii) all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of each such Person organized as a corporation is validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable and (iii) there are no outstanding subscriptions, options, warrants, commitments, preemptive rights or agreements of any kind (including, without limitation, any stockholders’ or voting trust agreements) for the issuance, sale, registration or voting of, or outstanding securities convertible into, any additional shares of capital stock of any class, or partnership or other ownership interests of any type in, any such Person. As of the Agreement Date Part II of Schedule 7.1.(b) correctly sets forth all Unconsolidated Affiliates of the Parent, including the correct legal name of such Person, the type of legal entity which each such Person is, and all Equity Interests in such Person held directly or indirectly by the Parent.
Agreement Structure This Agreement includes Part 1 - General Terms, Part 2 - Country-unique Terms (if any) and the LI and is the complete agreement between Licensee and IBM regarding the use of the Program. It replaces any prior oral or written communications between Licensee and IBM concerning Licensee's use of the Program. The terms of Part 2 may replace or modify those of Part 1. To the extent of any conflict, the LI prevails over both Parts.
Spreadsheet The Company shall deliver a spreadsheet, (the "Exchange Ratio Spreadsheet") substantially in the form attached hereto as Schedule 6.27, which spreadsheet shall be certified as complete and correct by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company as of the Closing and which shall separately list, as of the Closing, all Company Shareholders and their respective addresses, the number of shares of Company Stock held by such persons (including whether such shares are Company Common Stock or Company Preferred Stock) and the respective certificate numbers, the date of acquisition of such shares, the number of shares of Parent Common Stock and the amount of cash to be issued to each holder, the number of shares, if any, to be paid by the Company Shareholder in settlement of outstanding Company Shareholder loans, the number of shares of Parent Common Stock and the amount of cash to be deposited into the Escrow Fund on behalf of each holder, and such other information relevant thereto or which the Exchange Agent may reasonably request. The Company shall deliver to Parent the Spreadsheet three (3) business days prior to the Closing Date.
JOB TITLE The Employee shall be employed as ……………………
Temporary Structures No structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent, shack, garage, barn or other out building shall be used on any Lot at any time as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.
Group Structure (a) The Group Structure Chart shows:
SAMPLE 21. Producer hereby declares and warrants to the Association that all of the cotton delivered or to be delivered for the crop year designated is or will be free from all liens of any character, save and except the liens set out in the enrollment forms. If no liens are in effect on the date of the execution of this Agreement, but liens become effective thereafter the Producer will immediately notify the Association in writing of any such liens. Producer hereby agrees and promises to save and hold harmless and to indemnify the Association from and against any claim or loss arising out of any lien affecting the cotton. Producer warrants and represents that this contract is made with full knowledge, consent and authority of the landowner, lien holder, and all other interested parties. Producer agrees to indemnify and hold Association harmless from all loss, damage and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, suffered by Association, by reason of Producer’s execution of the contract without authority, or failure to account to any interested party, or for failure to pay and discharge any lien or security interest.
Meter Reading At least once each calendar month, the Servicer shall obtain usage measurements from the Applicable MDMA for each Customer; provided, however, that the Servicer may determine any Customer’s usage on the basis of estimates in accordance with applicable PSCWV Regulations.
Group Structure Chart Assuming the Closing Date occurs, the Group Structure Chart delivered to the Agent pursuant to Part 1 of Schedule 2 (Conditions Precedent) is true, complete and accurate in all material respects and shows the following information: