The Organisation Sample Clauses

The Organisation. 1 The Contracting Parties hereby agree to establish, maintain and strengthen the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation “the Organisation”, which shall carry out its functions as set forth in this Convention in order to achieve the objective of this Convention.
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The Organisation. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Chapter two. General provisions regarding promotion, protection and guarantee of the capitals and investments and the rules governing them in the territories of the contracting parties
The Organisation. 3.2.1 is solely responsible for any use as well as the contents of any transmission, message or transaction performed through the usage of the Organisation Services or Organisation Services Functionalities by its Organisation Manager or Organisation Employee or any other person or organisation delegated to perform any use or transaction on behalf of the Organisation;
The Organisation. Rapport Housing and Care is
The Organisation. Your role as a volunteer is [state nature and components of the volunteering role] and starts on [date]. This volunteering role is designed to [state how the volunteering role benefits the organisation]. You can expect [Name of organisation]:
The Organisation. Your role as a volunteer is to assist with the delivery of Partnership led projects including EastSide Arts, Connswater Community Greenway, EastSide Learning and Visit EastSide events as well as our other regeneration focussed initiatives. EastSide Partnership commits to fully supporting you in your role, providing training where possible, ensuring you are supported by staff and providing clear guidance during the volunteer event. Supervision, support and flexibility To explain the standards we expect for our services and to encourage and support you to achieve and maintain them; To provide a named person who will meet with you when required to discuss your volunteering and any successes and problems; To do our best to help you develop your volunteering role with us; To provide training & development where possible Expenses To endeavour to repay the following expenses upon submission of receipts to EastSide Partnership with prior approval: Travel to and from home to events and during your volunteering Reimbursement of meal costs to a maximum of £5 (with receipts) where a meal is not provided. To be eligible you must work around meal times or for at least 4.5 hours a day. Health and safety
The Organisation. 2.1 The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) was created on the 9th May 2007, as a combination of the former Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), the Prison Service, Probation Service, Office for Criminal Justice Reform (OCJR) and National Offender Management Service (NOMS). In total there are about 90,000 people working for the ministry, of whom 28,000 work in the former DCA.
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The Organisation. Your role as volunteer is to assist coaches within the Sale Sharks Rugby club and the RFU and begins on . The work is designed to develop young players and promote rugby football. Sale Sharks Rugby Club and the RFU commits itself to the following:
The Organisation. A. Identity Full legal name (official name): Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Acronym (where applicable): OECD Legal status: International Organisation VAT registration number (where applicable): 775 687 957 00016 Official address: 0, xxx Xxxxx-Xxxxxx, 75775 Paris Cedex 16 (France) Headquarters location, if different from official address Postal address: Contact person: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Telephone n° : (00-0). Fax n°: . (00-0). E-mail address: Website:
The Organisation.  As a retail volunteer with [charity name] you can expect us to:  Involve you with our organisation that is dedicated to raising essential funds for [charity]  Support a positive environment that ensures you enjoy your volunteering  Treat you with respect and courtesy  Treat you fairly in accordance with our equal opportunities policy  Provide induction and opportunities to undertake appropriate training  Provide a named contact for support  Provide relevant and up to date information and advice  Give you recognition and thanks for your volunteering  Provide adequate insurance whilst undertaking voluntary work approved and authorised by us  Try and resolve fairly any problems, grievances and difficulties you may incur whilst you volunteer with us  In the event of an unresolved problem, to offer an opportunity to discuss the issues in accordance with our grievance policy
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