Goals Sample Clauses

Goals. Goals define availability, performance and other objectives of Service provisioning and delivery. Goals do not include remedies and failure to meet any Service Goal does not entitle Customer to a Service credit.
Goals. The MBE and WBE participation goals as stated earlier are based on the availability of M/WBEs currently certified by New York State and geographically located to be able to perform the work in the region where the project is located. The total dollar value of the contract, scope of work, the supplies and equipment necessary to perform the project, are also considerations used to determine the percentage goals.
Goals. Definition − a goal is a broad statement about the long-term expectation of what should happen because of your program (the desired result). It serves as the foundation for developing your program objectives. Goals should align with the statement of need that is described. Goals should only be one sentence. The characteristics of effective goals include: • Goals address outcomes, not how outcomes will be achieved. • Goals describe the behavior or condition in the community expected to change. • Goals describe who will be affected by the project. • Goals lead clearly to one or more measurable results. • Goals are concise.
Goals. The primary goals of the S-LEP and this model MOU are to (i) promote positive and supportive school climates and (ii) create and maintain safe and secure school environments. To promote positive and supportive school climates, the SD and PD/SO will collaborate to increase law- related education, expand school safety and crime prevention efforts, reduce conflict, and support effective interventions for students. To create and maintain safe and secure school environments, the SD and PD/SO will collaborate to reduce and prevent crime, violence, victimization, and fear in and around schools, and minimize student involvement with the juvenile and criminal justice systems.