Complete the Project definition

Complete the Project means to accomplish all of the scope and activities of the Project as described in Attachment l, "Scope of the Project," and Attachment 2, "Project Description."
Complete the Project means to accomplish all of the scope and activities of the Project as described in Attachment 1 to this Agreement, “Scope of the Project,” and Attachment 2 to this Agreement, “Project Description.”
Complete the Project means to accomplish all of the scope and activities of the Project as described in Attachment 1, "Scope of the Project," and Attachment 2, "Project Description." "Date of this Agreement" means the date the Government awards this Full Funding Grant Agreement.

Examples of Complete the Project in a sentence

  • The Contractor agrees to Substantially Complete the Project within calendar days from the date of the Notice to Proceed, in addition, the Contractor agrees to finally complete the Project from Substantial Completion to Final Acceptance within calendar days for a total time of completion of the entire Project of calendar days.

  • The term “Work” refers to any and all work done in performance of the Services necessary, at any and all phases of the Agreement, to Fully Complete the Project.

  • It is understood and agreed that the Lump Sum Price represents the Contractor’s offer to Fully Complete the Project.

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  • The maximum amount, including, but not limited to, the Preconstruction Fee, the Design-Build Fee and the Cost of the Work, that will be paid the Design-Builder to Fully Complete the Project.

  • The Design-Builder will further covenant and agree in the GMP Amendment that it will perform all of the construction work necessary to Fully Complete the Project, including, without limitation, aspects of the Work that are not shown on the GMP Drawings and Specifications but which are a logical development of the design intent reflected in the GMP Drawings and Specifications, for an amount not to exceed the Guaranteed Maximum Price.

  • As part of the GMP Amendment, the Design-Builder shall certify that the GMP established thereby (i) contains sufficient amounts to perform all Work necessary to Fully Complete the Project; and (ii) contains sufficient amounts to provide and construct any items or facilities that are not contained in the GMP Drawings & Specifications but which are necessary for a fully functioning facility that meets the programmatic requirements established for the Project.

  • The Guaranteed Maximum Price proposed in the Design-Builder’s GMP Proposal shall be intended to represent the Design-Builder’s offer to Fully Complete the Project.

  • Once the Contractor has received a notice to proceed, the Contractor shall Complete the Project (See Article 47) within ( ) calendar days from receipt of the Notice to Proceed.

More Definitions of Complete the Project

Complete the Project means to accomplish all of the scope and activities of the Project as described in Article 3, “Project Scope and Description.” Date of this Agreement means the date this SFFGA is executed by all parties. Days mean calendar days unless otherwise stated. By written agreement the Department and the Grantee may extend or modify any period of days set forth in this Agreement.

Related to Complete the Project

  • Scope of the Project shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 2.1;

  • The Project means supply, installation, testing and commissioning, integration of computer hardware and services with support under Warranty and annual maintenance contract, if required for the contract period.

  • Cost of the Project means the GMP amount. Prepare and submit to the Owner, a Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal, set forth in Article 8 of this Agreement, based upon Drawings and Specifications produced by the Architect, or other information as applicable, for the Owner’s review broken down by Trade Contract or Division, for phase of work, including alternates necessary to assure meeting the budget.

  • Project Completion means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that operation of the Project is initiated or is capable of being initiated, whichever comes first.

  • Costs of the Project means and embraces the cost of construction; the cost of all

  • Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Project Company means Company incorporated by the bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Clause no 3.5.

  • Project Improvements means site improvements and facilities that are planned and designed to provide service for a particular development project and that are necessary for the use and convenience of the occupants or users of the project, and are not system improvements. No improvement or facility included in the city’s transportation facilities plan or transportation improvement plan approved by the city council shall be considered a project improvement.

  • Project Assets means all physical and other assets relating to and forming part of the Site including:

  • Project Work means the work required to complete the Project.

  • Construction project means an improvement that is constructed pursuant to an original contract.

  • New Project means (a) each facility which is either a new facility, branch or office or an expansion, relocation, remodeling or substantial modernization of an existing facility, branch or office owned by the Borrower or its Subsidiaries which in fact commences operations and (b) each creation (in one or a series of related transactions) of a business unit to the extent such business unit commences operations or each expansion (in one or a series of related transactions) of business into a new market.

  • complete vehicle means any vehicle which need not be completed in order to meet the relevant technical requirements of this Directive;

  • The Project Plan means the document to be developed by the Supplier and approved by the Procuring Entity, pursuant to GCC Clause 19, based on the requirements of the Contract and the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Supplier's tender. The “Agreed Project Plan” is the version of the Project Plan approved by the Procuring Entity, in accordance with GCC Clause

  • Projects means the projects identified in Exhibit A to the Agreement and all other projects, any costs of which are included in a Transitional Capital Plan pursuant to the Act or are Recovery Costs, and financed, by payment or reimbursement, with the proceeds of Bonds or Notes.

  • Project Completion Date means the date on which the Provisional Certificate is issued and, in the event, no Provisional Certificate is issued, the date on which the Completion Certificate is issued;

  • Sub-project means a specific development project to be carried out by a Beneficiary utilizing the proceeds of a Sub-loan;

  • Redevelopment project means a specific construction project

  • Project Property means the real property on or for which preconstruction service or construction work is or will be provided.

  • project completion period means the period of sixty (60) months commencing from and expiring on for the construction and obtaining of Temporary Occupation Permit or Permits for the whole of the Development as provided in clause 3.3;

  • The Properties means and refer to all such existing properties, and additions thereto, as are subject to this Declaration or any Supplemental Declaration under the provisions of Article II, hereof.

  • Condominium Project Real estate including the separate ownership in fee, or on a satisfactory leasehold estate, of a particular residential unit with an indivisible interest in the real estate designated for common ownership strictly by unit owners.

  • Project Financing means: (a) one or more loans, leases, equity and/or debt financings, together with all modifications, renewals, supplements, substitutions and replacements thereof, the proceeds of which are used to finance or refinance the costs of the Customer Facility, any alteration, expansion or improvement to the Customer Facility, the purchase and sale of the Customer Facility or the operation of the Customer Facility; (b) a power purchase agreement pursuant to which Interconnection Customer’s obligations are secured by a mortgage or other lien on the Customer Facility; or (c) loans and/or debt issues secured by the Customer Facility.

  • Approved Project means the Scheme application of the Applicant approved by the CIC.

  • Project Equipment means all personal property, goods, leasehold improvements, machinery, equipment, furnishings, furniture, fixtures, tools and attachments wherever located and whether now owned or hereafter acquired, refinanced in whole or in part with the proceeds of the Bonds, and any additions and accessions thereto, substitutions therefor and replacements thereof, including without limitation the Project Equipment described in appendices to the Agreement, as amended from time to time in accordance herewith.