Schedule B definition

Schedule B herein mean Schedule B attached hereto as constituted on the Effective Date, and thereafter as it may be amended from time to time (deemed or in writing) pursuant to Section 16 or 19(l).
Schedule B refers to the Schedule B entitled “Supplemental Expansion Power and/or Replacement Power Commitments” which is attached to and made part of this Agreement, including any appendices attached thereto.
Schedule B means the ‘‘Schedule B, Statistical Classification of Domes- tic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States’’ issued and amended from time to time by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce and available as stated in 15 CFR 30.92.

Examples of Schedule B in a sentence

  • However, the Financial bids of all tenderers who qualified in Technical bid, verification of their compliance with the Tender Schedule, Schedule B, Schedule C, Annexure B, Annexure C and Annexure D and who obtain the minimum marks in the evaluation procedure will be opened.

  • Schedule B refers to the terms and conditions for providing catering services at IIT Tirupati.

  • This envelope shall be super-scribed as "EMD".• Signed documents of Tender Schedule, Schedule B, Schedule C, Annexure-A to Annexure – F are to be placed and sealed in Envelope 2.

  • Under Schedule B of the Enabling Act for Suppression of Terrorism, 1991, kidnapping of a person is an offence.

  • Professorial Fellowships shall be offered only to persons holding a Professorship or other qualifying office in the University, as specified in Schedule B of the University Statutes.

More Definitions of Schedule B

Schedule B means the Cumulative Schedule of Status of Funds by Project; a cumulative roll- forward listing of all recipient agency TransNet Extension Ordinance projects.
Schedule B means the Schedule B: found in the Merchant Application, which schedule includes e-commerce services, configurations parameters, mobile equipment and other fees.
Schedule B means Schedule B to the Form 5500 series.
Schedule B means Schedule B attached to this Agreement, as such schedule may be amended from time to time by Licensor.
Schedule B means the listing of water infrastructure, sanitary sewer infrastructure, storm sewer infrastructure and roadway infrastructure attached to and forming part of this Bylaw and includes estimated dates of construction, estimated costs of construction (as of that date) and an indication of the areas that will benefit from each piece of Municipal Infrastructure;
Schedule B. Dated: January 17, 2006 (Compensation) JNL VARIABLE FUND LLC
Schedule B means the County’s Tree Removal Policy and Procedure. “Schedule “C”” means the Secured Creditor Rights and Remedies.