Milestones Sample Clauses

Milestones. Subject to the provisions of the SGIP, the Parties shall agree on milestones for which each Party is responsible and list them in Attachment 4 of this Agreement. A Party’s obligations under this provision may be extended by agreement. If a Party anticipates that it will be unable to meet a milestone for any reason other than a Force Majeure event, it shall immediately notify the other Parties of the reason(s) for not meeting the milestone and (1) propose the earliest reasonable alternate date by which it can attain this and future milestones, and (2) requesting appropriate amendments to Attachment 4. The Party affected by the failure to meet a milestone shall not unreasonably withhold agreement to such an amendment unless it will suffer significant uncompensated economic or operational harm from the delay, (1) attainment of the same milestone has previously been delayed, or (2) it has reason to believe that the delay in meeting the milestone is intentional or unwarranted notwithstanding the circumstances explained by the Party proposing the amendment.
Milestones. Because the invention is not yet commercially viable as of the Effective Date, ***** will diligently develop, manufacture, and sell Licensed Product and will diligently develop markets for Licensed Product. In addition, ***** will meet the milestones shown in Appendix A, and notify Stanford in writing as each milestone is met.
Milestones. In this section, please include information on each Milestone listed in the Cover Sheet, plus any additional significant milestones related to the project. Milestone schedule Please state the status and progress of each Milestone. Provide the date of completion of completed Milestone(s) and the expected date of completion of uncompleted Milestone(s). The expected date is the current best estimate, and may change from time to time as better information becomes available. Remedial Action Plan (applicable if Seller fails to achieve a Milestone by the Milestone Date) Please describe in detail any delays (actual or anticipated) beyond the scheduled Milestone dates. Describe the cause of the delay (e.g., governmental approvals, financing, property acquisition, design activities, equipment procurement, project construction, interconnection, or any other factor). Describe Seller’s Remedial Action Plan which shall include detailed plans to achieve the missed Milestone and subsequent Milestones.
Milestones. In addition to the “KTR Contract Complete” date included in the Attachment J-3, the Government has established execution dates for the milestones identified in Attachment J-3. If any milestone event is not accomplished by the date provided, and the failure to accomplish any such milestone event does not arise from a cause beyond the control and without fault or negligence of the Contractor, such failure may be deemed to constitute a failure to perform this contract in accordance with its terms within the meaning of subparagraph (a)(1)(ii) of the clause of this contract entitled "DEFAULT” (DFARS 252.217-7009).
Milestones. Set forth in the table below are the milestones (each, a “Milestone”), the target dates for achieving each Milestone (each, a “Target Date”) and the required dates for achieving each Milestone (each, an “Outside Date”) in connection with Seller's development, construction and ownership of the Facility. The Target Date and Outside Date for each Milestone may be extended according to Section 3.6; provided, however, that such dates shall only be extended by one Day for each Day when more than one of the extensions described in Sections 3.6(a) and 3.6(b) apply.