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Attached hereto as Exhibit. A" is a true, correct, and complete copy of the Lease, including the following amendments, modifications, supplements, guarantees and restatements thereof, which together represent all of the amendments, modifications, supplements. guarantees and restatements thereof: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ (If none, please state "None.")
Attached hereto as Exhibit. A" is a map setting forth the real property and mineral rights thereto owned by the LESSOR and which is commonly referred to herein as 'they property' the subject of this lease.
Attached hereto as Exhibit. B" is a schedule (the "Schedule") of the Accounts Receivable as of December 7, 1998. Buyer acknowledges that the Schedule was prepared by Amcraft and SDWCA makes no representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever with respect to the Accounts Receivable, express or implied, including but not limited to, the existence or amount thereof or the existence or lack thereof of any defenses to payment thereon. On the tenth (10th) day of each month, commencing in January, 1999, Buyer shall pay to SDWCA the following amounts with respect to all Accounts Receivable collected by Buyer during the previous calendar month: - 90% of all Accounts Receivable collected at 0-30 days from Closing. - 80% of all Accounts Receivable collected at 31-60 days from Closing. - 70% of all Accounts Receivable collected at 61-120 days from Closing. For purposes of this SECTION 2.2, "collection" shall occur at such time as Buyer receives any payment from the account debtor on account of such Account Receivable; provided, however, Buyer shall have a right to be reimbursed by SDWCA for any amount paid by Buyer to SDWCA (but not including any amount offset as provided below) under this SECTION 2.2 which relates to a payment on an Account Receivable which is later dishonored or charged back to Buyer by Buyer's depositary bank as a result of dishonor by the account debtor's payor bank. SDWCA shall have the option, at its sole and absolute election, to receive a reassignment from Buyer of any Account Receivable which is not collected by Buyer within 120 days of Closing. Upon SDWCA's request with respect thereto, Buyer shall execute such documents as SDWCA shall reasonably request to effectuate such transfer and reassignment, which transfer and reassignment shall be free and clear of any liens, claims and encumbrances not existing against the Account Receivable immediately prior to the Closing. From and after its election to receive a reassignment of any Account Receivable and thereafter, Buyer shall have no right, title or interest in or to such Account Receivable or proceeds thereof, and SDWCA shall be entitled to receive and retain any and all collections upon such Account Receivable. Any amount received by Buyer with respect to any Account Receivable that has been reassigned to SDWCA, or as to which SDWCA has elected to receive a reassignment, shall be turned over by Buyer to SDWCA promptly after receipt. On the tenth (10th) day of each month commencing in December, 1998, and continuing the...

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  • Attached hereto as Exhibit “G-1(a and b)” are the Certifications of the CONSULTANT and the AGENCY, Exhibit “G-2” Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters - Primary Covered Transactions, Exhibit “G-3” Certification Regarding the Restrictions of the Use of Federal Funds for Lobbying and Exhibit “G-4” Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit B is a list of the amount of the single insured bond which each Company would have provided and maintained had it not been named as an insured under the Bond.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a copy of the form of resolutions of a majority of the Board of Trustees who are not "interested persons" of each Company approving the amount, type, form and coverage of the Bond and the portion of the premium to be paid by each Company.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a true and correct copy of a resolution from the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Trust (the “Board”) held September 10, 2009 (the “Meeting”).

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit B is a list of persons duly authorized by the board of each Fund to execute this Agreement and give any written or oral instructions, or written or oral specifications, by or on behalf of such Fund.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit “C” is a true, correct and complete copy of the resolutions of the Board of Directors of Company authorizing the Agreement, the Transaction Documents, and the transactions contemplated thereby.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit “A” is a true, correct and complete copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of Company, as in effect on the Effective Date.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit “B” is a true, correct and complete copy of the Bylaws of Company, as in effect on the Effective Date.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit "C" and incorporated herein by this reference is the Construction Proforma.

  • Attached hereto as Exhibit 7 is the latest report of condition of National City Bank.

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Attached hereto as Exhibit. C" (but not incorporated as a part of the terms and conditions of the subject Sublease between Trend and GameTech) is that certain Lease Agreement entered into September 1, 1995 giving Trend it's right of possession to the Premisis shown in Exhibit "A".

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  • attached means attached to this Agreement when used in relation to a schedule;

  • Exhibit C attached hereto is a graphic representation of the Permanent Easement. In the event of an ambiguity in Exhibit B, Exhibit C may be used to resolve said ambiguity.

  • Annexure F means, if applicable to the Product or the subject matter of this Agreement and read conjunctively with the Contractor’s obligations in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the express warranties provided by the Contractor in relation to the Product.

  • Exhibit A means collectively Exhibits A-1 through A-n which incorporate into the Agreement the specific terms and conditions for each TCK licensed hereunder.

  • Exhibit means any item labeled as an Exhibit in the Solicitation or placed in the Exhibits section of the solicitation.

  • Exhibit F The awarded category pricing from the Contractor’s submitted Price Sheet from 3rd Bid RFP 15-80101507-SA-D

  • Exhibit B means [Vendor]’s Response.

  • Exhibit 2 Standard File Codes – Delinquency Reporting, Continued The FNMA Delinquent Reason Code field should show the Reason for Delinquency as follows: Delinquency Code Delinquency Description 001 FNMA-Death of principal mortgagor 002 FNMA-Illness of principal mortgagor 003 FNMA-Illness of mortgagor’s family member 004 FNMA-Death of mortgagor’s family member 005 FNMA-Marital difficulties 006 FNMA-Curtailment of income 007 FNMA-Excessive Obligation 008 FNMA-Abandonment of property 009 FNMA-Distant employee transfer 011 FNMA-Property problem 012 FNMA-Inability to sell property 013 FNMA-Inability to rent property 014 FNMA-Military Service 015 FNMA-Other 016 FNMA-Unemployment 017 FNMA-Business failure 019 FNMA-Casualty loss 022 FNMA-Energy environment costs 023 FNMA-Servicing problems 026 FNMA-Payment adjustment 027 FNMA-Payment dispute 029 FNMA-Transfer of ownership pending 030 FNMA-Fraud 031 FNMA-Unable to contact borrower INC FNMA-Incarceration

  • Exhibit D means Exhibit D to the Judgment;

  • Exhibit E means Exhibit E to the Judgment;

  • Legal Description means a complete description of land to be annexed without internal references to any other document, and shall be described in one of the following ways:

  • Addendum/Addenda means formally issued written or graphic modifications and/or interpretations of the Construction Documents that may add to, delete from, clarify or correct the description and/or scope of the Work. Addenda are issued during the bidding phase of the project.

  • Annexure A means the Contractor’s tender to supply the Product or render the Services or works to JOBURG MARKET in terms of the scope of work and on the terms and conditions, pricing and payment terms set out therein.

  • Attachment A is an itemized list of the estimated election expenses for this Joint Election and the amounts that each Participating Political Subdivision must deposit with the Dallas County Elections Department. It also includes the Deposit Detail for each entity. The Elections Administrator will amend “Attachment A” to reflect the changing estimates of election expenses that are caused by changing circumstances and by the withdrawal of Participating Political Subdivision(s), if any, from this Election Services Contract.

  • Exhibit One Mortgage Loan Schedule Exhibit Two: Schedule of Discount Fractions Exhibit Three: Information to be Included in Monthly Distribution Date Statement Exhibit Four: Standard Terms of Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of March 1, 2003 This is a Series Supplement, dated as of April 1, 2003 (the "Series Supplement"), to the Standard Terms of Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of March 1, 2003 and attached as Exhibit Four hereto (the "Standard Terms" and, together with this Series Supplement, the "Pooling and Servicing Agreement" or "Agreement"), among RESIDENTIAL FUNDING MORTGAGE SECURITIES I, INC., as the company (together with its permitted successors and assigns, the "Company"), RESIDENTIAL FUNDING CORPORATION, as master servicer (together with its permitted successors and assigns, the "Master Servicer"), and BANK ONE, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Trustee (together with its permitted successors and assigns, the "Trustee").

  • Part A Direct Award Criteria

  • Exhibit IIB Standard File Codes - Delinquency Reporting The Loss Mit Type field should show the approved Loss Mitigation Code as follows: o ASUM- Approved Assumption o BAP- Borrower Assistance Program o CO- Charge Off o DIL- Deed-in-Lieu o FFA- Formal Forbearance Agreement o MOD- Loan Modification o PRE- Pre-Sale o SS- Short Sale o MISC- Anything else approved by the PMI or Pool Insurer NOTE: Wells Fargo Bank will accept alternative Loss Mitigation Types tx xxxse above, provided that they are consistent with industry standards. If Loss Mitigation Types other than those above are used, the Servicer must supply Wells Fargo Bank with a description of each of the Loss Mitigatixx Xxpes prior to sending the file.

  • Exhibits means the Exhibits so marked, copies of which are attached to this Agreement. Such Exhibits are hereby incorporated by reference herein and made a part hereof, and may be referred to in this Agreement and any other related instrument or document without being attached hereto or thereto.

  • Part 2 means Part 2 of the withdrawal agreement or (as the case may be) Part 2 of the EEA EFTA separation agreement, so far as the Part in question applies to and in the United Kingdom;

  • Schedule F means internal revenue service schedule F (form 1040) filed by a taxpayer pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFQ after the Advertisement date of the RFQ.

  • Annexure E means, if applicable in terms of the scope of work, the Contractor’s Project Plan delivered to JOBURG MARKET within the time specified therefore.

  • Exhibit 1 means Exhibit 1 to this Schedule C.

  • Addendum / Addenda means a change, or addition, or correction significant enough to be formally made to this RFP. Addenda are posted on the City websites.

  • Master Definitions Schedule means the amended and restated schedule of definitions relating to the Programme originally dated the Programme Effective Date and as most recently amended and restated on 18 December 2020 (as further amended, supplemented and/or replaced from time to time).

  • Schedule of Contracts means the list or lists of Contracts attached as Schedule A to this Agreement, which Contracts are being transferred to the Owner Trustee as part of the Trust Estate, which list or lists shall set forth the following information with respect to each such Contract in numbered columns: