Performance Measures Sample Clauses

Performance Measures. The System Agency will monitor the Grantee’s performance of the requirements in Attachment A and compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions.
Performance Measures. 19.1 Attachment 09 - Performance Measures specifies applicable performance standards. To the extent that remedies are available under such Attachment, such remedies constitute the sole obligation of AT&T-21STATE to pay damages or financial penalties for failure to meet specified performance standards identified in such Attachment and all other Attachments to this Agreement.
Performance Measures. The Grantee warrants that: (1) the services will be performed by qualified personnel; (2) the services will be of the kind and quality described in the Grant Work Plan; (3) the services will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with industry standards and practices; (4) the services shall not and do not knowingly infringe upon the intellectual property rights, or any other proprietary rights, of any third party; and (5) its employees, subcontractors, and/or subgrantees shall comply with any security and safety requirements and processes, if provided by Department, for work done at the Project Location(s). The Department reserves the right to investigate or inspect at any time to determine whether the services or qualifications offered by Grantee meet the Agreement requirements. Notwithstanding any provisions herein to the contrary, written acceptance of a particular deliverable does not foreclose Department’s remedies in the event deficiencies in the deliverable cannot be readily measured at the time of delivery.
Performance Measures. A. DSHS will monitor Xxxxxxx’s performance of the requirements in Attachment A-2 and compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions.
Performance Measures. DSHS will monitor the Grantee’s performance of the requirements in this Statement of Work and compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions.
Performance Measures. The Supplier shall cooperate in good faith with the Authority to develop efficiency tracking performance measures for the Framework Agreement. This shall include but is not limited to: tracking reductions in product volumes and product costs, in order to demonstrate that Contracting Bodies are consuming less and buying more smartly; developing additional KPIs to ensure that the Framework Agreement supports the emerging target operating model across central government (particularly in line with centralised sourcing and category management, procurement delivery centres and payment processing systems and shared service centres). This list is not exhaustive and may be developed during the Framework Agreement. The metrics that to be implemented to measure efficiency shall be developed and agreed between the Authority and the Supplier. Such metrics shall be incorporated into the list of KPIs set out in Framework Schedule (Goods and/or Services and Key Performance Indicators). The ongoing progress and development of the efficiency tracking performance measures shall be reported through framework management activities as outlined in this Framework Schedule 13.
Performance Measures. System Agency will monitor the Grantee’s performance of the requirements and compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions. Grantee must demonstrate adherence to PHEP reporting deadlines and the capability to receive, stage, store, distribute, and dispense materiel during a public health emergency. Failure to meet these requirements may result in withholding a portion of the current PHEP base awards.
Performance Measures. DSHS will monitor the Grantee’s performance of the requirements in Attachment A and compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions. If Grantee fails to meet any of the performance measures, Xxxxxxx will respond to any finding in a written narrative explaining the barriers and the plan to address those barriers. This requirement does not excuse any violation of this Contract, nor does it limit DSHS as to any options available under the Contract regarding breach.
Performance Measures timely completion rate of all financial invoice processing • budget and program costs are balanced and maintained 6 Professional responsibilitiesas directed, other activities to support the delivery of the Xxxxxx <department name> Business Plan and Xxxxxx Mission Strategic Plan, as requested by your manager • as an employee, be responsible under the Work Health & Safety Act for the health and safety of all persons they come into contact with, during employment. All hazards and injuries must be reported through the normal process as set out in Xxxxxx Mission’s Work Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Quality Management System and site procedures • in relation to Xxxxxx Mission and the Uniting Church in Australia, attend such functions, meetings, seminars, training courses as directed by your supervisor • in relation to Xxxxxx Mission attend worship services as encouraged by your supervisor • take responsibility for personal career development and trainingparticipate in Xxxxxx Mission’s Orientation program, so as to gain an understanding of, and promote, the application of the EEO, Affirmative Action, Privacy Act, Work Health & Safety Act and other relevant legislation • administer Xxxxxx Mission’s philosophy of care and other relevant policy documents as appropriate • demonstrate responsible stewardship of all resources, and willingness to report impropriety in keeping with the values of Xxxxxx Mission • ensure the reputation and integrity of Xxxxxx Mission is maintained at all timesmaintain confidentiality. 7 Selection criteria To be successful in this position, candidates must possess the following: Demonstrated behaviours • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal • Demonstrated experience in accounts/financial processing • Professional telephone manner • Good organisational skills • willingness to affirm Xxxxxx Mission’s vision, mission and values and enthusiastically advocate our Word and deed ministry • demonstrated ability to work unsupervised as well as an effective team player with a positive can-do attitude • relates well to a range of people with sound listening and problem solving skills • displays emotional maturity and resilience. Essential skills/knowledge • Client-focused strength based approach • A commitment to a continuing process of personal self-development and skills acquisition • Self-direction including initiative and the ability to prioritise activities • Personal integrity • Respecting the values and experienc...
Performance Measures. HHSC will actively monitor Xxxxxxx’s performance under this Contract including, but not limited to, the requirements as set forth in Attachment A to this Contract. All services and deliverables under the Contract shall be provided at an acceptable quality level and in a manner consistent with acceptable industry standard, custom, and practice.