Data Quality Sample Clauses

Data Quality. 4.1 Each party ensures that the shared Personal Data is accurate.
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Data Quality. If requested by ADP, Client agrees to work with ADP during implementation to produce a test file and validate the Verification Data included in the Verification Services database using validation reports made available by ADP or its Verification Agents. If Client uses ADP’s hosted payroll processing services, ADP will update the Verification Services database with the applicable Verification Data available on ADP’s payroll processing system.
Data Quality i. It is the responsibility of all parties to ensure that the information is of sufficient quality for its intended purpose, bearing in mind accuracy, validity, reliability, timeliness, relevance and completeness.
Data Quality. Subject to Section 2.1.1 above, to, where necessary, maintain the accuracy of BPA personal data and keep it up to date. Exult shall comply with all instructions from BPA or any data subject to whom BPA personal data relates to rectify, delete and update any BPA personal data and, if so requested by BPA, shall notify in writing BPA and/or the data subject as appropriate within a reasonable time that it has done so.
Data Quality. Participant shall use reasonable and appropriate efforts to ensure that all Healthcare Data provided by Participant and/or Personnel to MX is accurate with respect to each Patient. Each Party shall use reasonable and appropriate efforts to assure that its Personnel do not alter or corrupt the Patient Data received by or transmitted from that Party. Participant and its Authorized Users shall use reasonable professional judgment in its use of the Healthcare Data and its application of the Healthcare Data to make clinical decisions.
Data Quality. 6.1 The Data Discloser shall ensure that Shared Personal Data is accurate.
Data Quality. All Data held by the Service Provider in connection with this Agreement shall be stored and processed in a compliant, comprehensive, up to date, accurate manner which conforms with the relevant industry standard for Data Quality. Upon any reasonable request from the Contract Manager, the Service Provider shall supply a copy of the Data within 2 Working Days of the request or such other time as may be agreed by the Contract Manager (together with the means to read it where deemed necessary by the Authority).
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Data Quality. (a) The Parties will make reasonable efforts to ensure the Data they submit is accurate and fit to be used for the Purposes.
Data Quality. Each partner is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the personal data that it processes and shares and must have clear processes in place for managing data quality. Any party learning of the inaccuracy of personal data is responsible for informing the parties with whom that data has been shared.
Data Quality a The EAP must work with EACCs to ensure that the data stored by EACC is accurate and reliable. b The EAPs will work with EACCs to ensure that the classifications (ie Urban, Rural and Remote) that are applied to each Service Area are aligned with the latest Census data available. c Agreement is required by the EAP, the EACC and NASO to apply a classification to a Service Area(s) that is not in line with the latest census data available. The reason for the change must be documented by the EACC and reported in the next Quarterly Report.
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