Performance Criteria Sample Clauses

Performance Criteria. The Performance Criteria are set forth in Exhibit A to this Agreement.
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Performance Criteria. 21.02.01 The duties and responsibilities of a member which may be subject to performance review encompass four fields of activity:
Performance Criteria. Performance Criteria means the End of Performance Period Stock Price set forth in Section 1.4(a) and the Average Return on Invested Capital set forth in Section 1.4(b).
Performance Criteria. 46.1 Specific provisions governing failure to meet Performance Criteria are contained in Attachment 17: Performance.
Performance Criteria. The performance criteria and measures applicable to the Award and related objectives are set forth on Exhibit A hereto.
Performance Criteria. Subject to the Holder’s continuous employment through the Settlement Date and subject to Section 5 below, the Holder will earn a number of Units on the Settlement Date determined based on the achievement of annual goals related to net operating profit after taxes less a capital charge (the “Company Performance Measure”) and the relative total shareholder return (“TSR”) during the period beginning on January 1, 2008 and ending on December 31, 2010 (the “Performance Cycle”), in each case, as determined by the Committee.
Performance Criteria. The “Performance Criteria” with respect to the Performance Units shall be comprised of the performance metrics, and each performance metric shall be weighted, as described in the Long-Term Award Criteria. Based on the “Payout Factors” and weighting described in the Long-Term Award Criteria, the Performance Units could expire without converting into any shares of Common Stock or could be convertible into as many as 200% of the number of Performance Units granted to each Grantee.
Performance Criteria. Performance Criteria means the Threshold Performance, Target Performance and Maximum Performance for EBITDA Annual Growth for each Fiscal Year in the Performance Period and the Relative TSR Factor set forth in Section 1.4.
Performance Criteria. The Company shall pay to Employee an Annual Bonus with respect to each fiscal year in amounts determined as provided by the Board based on achieving performance criteria established at the beginning of each fiscal year. Such performance criteria will recognize the overall financial performance of the Company and the improvements made in financial results.
Performance Criteria. The Committee shall employ such criteria for evaluating the performance of the Company over the Performance Period as the Committee shall in its discretion deem appropriate (the “Performance Criteria”). These criteria, and the pre-established performance goals with respect thereto, shall be communicated to Participant in a Performance Chart to accompany and be made a part of this Agreement as Appendix A.