Planning Committee Sample Clauses

Planning Committee. A committee composed of the President of JPA, two members of JPA and up to three (3) administrators/instructional specialists will plan Staff Development as outlined in this Article, including:  Fall and spring conference days (elementary)  Records Day at the end of the first (1st) semester  In-Service day prior to the first (1st) day of instruction
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Planning Committee. Promptly after the date of this Agreement, the Parties shall establish a Planning Committee for the purposes of coordinating and communicating pertinent information regarding the activities contemplated or taken in accordance with or pursuant to the Related Agreements or this Agreement. The parties shall reasonably determine the membership of the Planning Committee, provided that the Planning Committee shall include member representatives from DuPont, the DPC Business and the Buyer. The Planning Committee shall meet on a regular basis, in person or by telephone conference at a schedule to be determined by the Planning Committee itself, but no less than twice per month. The Planning Committee shall not have decision making authority with respect to either Party and shall not bind any party, or otherwise affect the rights, remedies or obligations of any party hereunder.
Planning Committee. For most Projects, a University Planning Committee is formed. This committee is usually chaired by the Director of Facilities or his designee and composed of representatives of the using department(s), Engineering Design and Construction, Safety and Environmental Compliance, Central Utilities, and other administrative offices as appropriate. The Architect will meet with the committee at appropriate times, usually bi-weekly, during the planning phases of the Project in order to confirm that the design is developing in accord with the requirements of the University. ARCHITECT'S INVOICES Statements for compensation earned under the terms of the Agreement between Owner and Architect shall be submitted to the Owner’s Representative or his designee. Each statement shall be made on Alabama Building Commission standard Architect/Statement for Services Form B-5. Invoice forms may be obtained from the Owner’s Representative. Reimbursable and non reimbursable expenses are described in the agreement. Reimbursable expenses must be approved in advance, shall be paid at cost, and must be accompanied by receipts. Fees should include all miscellaneous expenses such as, but not limited to, meals, mileage and printing expenses. The Design Professional’s proposal should identify project milestones, including design review submittals. The PM shall provide the Design Professional with any University schedule requirements. All design review meetings should be included in the Design Professional’s basic services fee. Also, unless waived by the PM, basic services include, as a minimum, a written bid evaluation, a pre bid meeting, a pre-construction meeting, construction progress meetings, a punch list inspection, and a final inspection. The number of proposed construction observation trips should be identified by the Design Professional as a part of the basic services during construction. Also, a per trip unit cost for additional construction trips should be identified. A trip refers to one person on site for one day and includes the issuance of any related meeting minutes and site visit reports. Unless a current certificate of insurance is on file with the University, proof of the required insurance specified in the agreement must be submitted for approval with the signed agreement. The University shall not execute the agreement or approve payments without approved insurance. No payments shall be processed unless an executed agreement is on file. The Design Professional must subm...
Planning Committee. Spring Family Event (May or June) _Planning Committee _Event Help (concessions, supervision) _Event Help (set up, activity help, etc) Other I would like to help in the following way: _
Planning Committee. Each of the Parties, in its sole discretion, will appoint two technical representatives as members of the planning committee for the Conference (hereinafter “Planning Committee”). These members may elect additional at-large members to the Planning Committee which at-large-members preferably will: (i) have extensive networks in the health and safety professional community; and (ii) represent a specific industry sector (e.g., mining, energy, construction, consulting, etc.). At the conclusion of each year's Conference, Parties will review the at-large-members for their contribution and may ask the at-large-members to participate in the following year’s Planning Committee. RMCOEH will provide administrative services to the Planning Committee.
Planning Committee. Jan. – Mar. 2004 Organizing and conducting series of discussion sessions and summary reports are turned in. Apr. – May, 2004 Planning Committee compiles reports of objectives and strategies into draft plan.
Planning Committee. (a) The parties must, as soon as reasonably practicable following execution of the Access Agreement, establish a committee comprised of representatives from DNB, the Access Seeker and other Access Seekers (Planning Committee).
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Planning Committee. The parties shall form a permanent planning committee composed of at least two members from each party, who shall enjoy significant technical powers and responsibilities. If one of the members is unable to attend a particular meeting, he shall be represented in this meeting by a person nominated by the same or by the member’s immediate director. The notification shall be made immediately and all nominations, exclusions, and or replacements shall be recorded in writing. Each party shall be responsible for the presidency and secretariat of the planning committee with rotation every two years based on the alphabetical order of the names of the two countries. The planning committee shall be responsible for organising and developing the interconnection equipment. It shall thus exchange information on its future plans. It shall be incumbent upon each party to specify production and transport demands each year for a duration of ten years. This long- term plan shall be drafted on the basis of load expectations and the reserve limit that shall be preserved. The plan shall also include fixed purchases, new power stations, and expansions in energy transport networks. The other party and the guidance committee shall review these long- term plans. It is recommended that the planning committee meet once each year to analyse these long-term plans and verify their conformity with the rules prescribed by the guidance committee.
Planning Committee. Each Voting Member may appoint one (1) representative, empowered to vote on behalf of the Voting Member, to serve on the Planning Committee. A representative may, if unable to attend a meeting, designate, in writing, an alternate to act on behalf of the representative. Affiliate Members and Adjunct Members may appoint a non-voting representative to serve on the Planning Committee. Quorum and Voting Rights shall be as defined in Sections 5.7 and 5.8. The Planning Committee shall report directly to the Board and is charged with the responsibility of promoting the reliability of the bulk power system in the FRCC Region, and assessing and encouraging generation and transmission adequacy. The Planning Committee may establish subcommittees and task forces as deemed necessary by its membership.
Planning Committee. (Evaluation of Performance Assessments) A committee composed of representatives from the Springfield Police Supervisors Association will be named. These representatives will be appointed by the SPSA. It shall represent all ranks and work with the Police Commissioner to establish a performance assessment or evaluation instrument for the purpose of evaluating the job performance of supervisors.
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