Records Day Sample Clauses

Records Day. The administration, with input from the Association, shall schedule a semester records day each school year. The following configuration for the first semester records day will apply to teachers at all levels of the school district: Teacher Records – AM (not to exceed 3.5 continuous hours) Compensatory Time (for Open House) – PM
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Records Day. A records day for members shall be scheduled for one-half (1/2) of the final day of the fall semester; that portion of the day to be set aside for this purpose shall be designated by the Superintendent.
Records Day. In the event of snow days or delays and other school closings that require make-up to be eligible for state aid, time will be added in June. Note: On days when school is delayed or shortened due to extreme weather conditions, reporting and leaving time of teachers shall be delayed or shortened proportionally.
Records Day. Participation in WOEA day is the sole responsibility of the employee and is not considered as a day for which employees are compensated. Records day will become a regular contracted workday.
Records Day. When required to prepare final grades and/or progress reports, teachers shall be compensated for their time to the maximum of two (2) hours per marking period.
Records Day. Records Day shall be at the conclusion of the school year. There shall be two (2) Work Days/In-Service days scheduled with one at the end of the first nine (9) weeks and one at the end of the first semester. The days will be evenly split between staff in-service and staff workday. Upon notice by the building principal to the Association President of the intent to schedule a meeting during a Records day, the building’s licensed/certificated staff shall conduct a vote on whether to consent to such meeting. No additional reduction in the workday or Records day for meetings can be established without a majority vote of the staff.
Records Day. ● K-6 Records Day/7-12 Professional Development Day { } Records Day Appendix A-2 2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR Tuesday August 28 All Staff report/Professional Development Day Wednesday August 29 Workday Thursday August 30 Professional Development Day Friday August 31 Labor Day Recess – school calendar staff does not report Monday September 3 Labor Day Tuesday September 4 Start of school for students Wednesday September 26 Late start for students – Staff Professional Development Tuesday November 6 Teacher Comp Day (no students) Wednesday November 7 Late start for students – Staff Professional Development Wednesday November 21 Thanksgiving Break Begins Monday November 26 Classes Resume Wednesday December 5 Late start for students – Staff Professional Development Monday December 24 Winter Break begins Thursday January 3 Classes resume Monday January 21 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxx (no teachers/students) Friday January 25 K-6 Professional Development Day (no students) 7-12 Records Day (no students) Thursday February 21 Mid-Winter Break Begins Monday February 25 Classes Resume Tuesday March 5 K-6 Records Day (no students) 7-12 Professional Development Day (no students) Wednesday March 13 Late start for students – Staff Professional Development Friday March 29 Spring break begins Monday April 8 Classes resume Wednesday May 15 Late start for students – Staff Professional Development Monday May 27 Memorial Day Thursday June 13 Students last day Friday June 14 Records Day (no students) Monday June 17 Teacher Comp Day (no students) 179 Pupil-Instructional Days and 187 Teacher Workdays 2012-2013 CALENDAR
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Records Day. There shall be at least two (2) one-half (1/2) records day for all teachers to conduct records keeping, grading, and other classroom duties incorporated into the actual annual work schedule, effective with the 2021-2022 contract year.
Records Day. ● K-6 Records Day/7-12 Professional Development Day { } Records Day APPENDIX B-1 2010-2011 SALARY SCHEDULE STEP BA BA+15 MA MA+15 MA+30 1 $39,581 $41,155 $43,483 $44,750 $46,079 2 42,351 44,037 46,528 47,885 49,308 3 44,700 46,677 49,599 50,931 52,409 4 47,339 49,475 52,869 54,166 55,713 5 50,126 52,445 56,360 57,616 59,217 6 53,081 55,594 60,074 61,276 62,935 7 56,220 58,930 64,032 65,176 66,898 8 59,529 62,470 68,258 69,323 71,106 9 63,047 66,211 72,757 73,732 75,580 10 66,770 70,186 77,564 78,417 80,330 11 71,438 75,180 83,495 84,237 86,210 For the 2011-2012 contract year, the 2010-2011 salary schedule will be in effect but there will be an off schedule reduction of one(1) percent. Those teachers on steps will move up on steps accordingly For the 2012-2013 contract year, there will be a wage reopener based on the 2010-2011 salary schedule. APPENDIX B-4
Records Day. A. 1. a. During the 2009-10 school year, elementary schools shall be scheduled for one (1) full Records Day at the end of each marking period.
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