Voting Member definition

Voting Member means a Member holding one or more Voting Shares.
Voting Member means a Person who at the close of business on the Voting Record Date is entitled to vote as a Member of the Mutual Holding Company in accordance with its mutual charter and bylaws.
Voting Member means the appointed elected members of each of the Parties.

Examples of Voting Member in a sentence

  • Any Voting Member may, by power of attorney, appoint an attorney to act on his/her behalf at all or certain specified meetings.

  • Except as expressly provided by the document appointing a proxy, an appointment of a proxy confers authority to do all things that the Voting Member can do in respect of a general meeting, including that the proxy is entitled to demand or join in demanding a poll.

  • At meetings of Members each Voting Member may vote in person or by proxy or by attorney.

  • Subject to the terms of their appointment, a person attending as a proxy, or as the attorney of a Voting Member, has all the powers of a Voting Member, except where expressly stated to the contrary.

  • On a poll every Voting Member present in person or by proxy, attorney or representative has 1 vote.

More Definitions of Voting Member

Voting Member means a member that, under the organic law or organic rules, has a right to vote on matters subject to vote by members under the organic law or organic rules.
Voting Member means an individual appointed or designated as a member of the board under Subsection 11-58-302(2).
Voting Member means any Board Member other than that appointed by HWS.
Voting Member means a person entitled to vote for all matters required or permitted under this chapter to be submitted to a vote of the members, except as otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation or bylaws.
Voting Member means an individual appointed as a member of the board under 140 Subsection 11-65-302(2).
Voting Member means (i) a Member as to which no other Member is an Affiliate or Related Party, or (ii) a Member together with any other Members as to which it is an Affiliate or Related Party.
Voting Member means a registered holder of Voting Shares, in such Person’s capacity as such. For the avoidance of doubt, each such Voting Member is a “member” of the Company within the meaning of the Act.